View Full Version : Please pray for my old church

05-04-2011, 07:09 PM
hey guys, earlier this year the senior pastor was forced to step down because of sin in his life. everyone is still struggling with healing and it seems that the new leadership doesn't want any outsiders coming in and 'changing' things. i am concerned that it is becoming very cultish. i also don't believe that the new pastor is qualified for the position.
a lot of people have left for various reasons and i just pray that they haven't fallen away from the faith. also that the leaders have a heart to do God's will more so than the preservation of the church building or name. i'm saddened by all of this and the great division that is going on.

please lift me up as well. i left prior to all of this happening but i am still friends with alot of people there who i care for dearly. i need direction because I don't know if I should have any involvement with the situation. and if so, please pray that i can be bold as well.