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09-17-2010, 06:08 PM
My name is Richard B. (aka Introspect). In the past few weeks I've been digging in God's Word more, and growing in my relationship with Christ. Realizing so much in what it means to Abide in Christ. I was saved in 2001, but continued in the darkness. I see now that by doing that I disconnected myself from God, because God is Light, and in Him is NO darkness. So by my saying I was in Christ, but continuing in the darkness in my life...I lied. Several years ago, God lead me to discover Christian rap artists Lecrae and Trip Lee. I remember the first song I heard by them was Trip Lee's "Crying Out". That song had such an impact on me, I was so touched by the lyrical content. Since then, every Christian rap artist I have been drawn too has been from Reach Records and labels related to them (116, Lamp Mode, ect.).

I just recently quit smoking, quit drinking caffeine, and changed my eating habits ALL by the Grace of God delivering me from it. From that moment, I started realizing that I couldn't grow like I needed to in Christ because of the strongholds that were in my life. As soon as I surrendered the addictions to Christ, I started seeing things happen. I no longer desire the things that once bound me. I give Praise to God for the burning desire I have for HIM. Since I've been Abiding more in Christ, God has lead me to the sermons and messages of John Piper and Paul Washer. First I was lead to John Piper on the Desiring God website. I started to realize that he was the Pastor that was quoted, and even featured in some of the Christian rap songs I have been lead to. For example, the Song "Don't Waste Your Life" by Lecrae actually was a book by John Piper "Don't Waste Your Life". Also the song "Make War" by Tedashii and Flame was from a sermon John Piper preached on (Dr. Piper is actually in the song). John Piper is also in some of Shai Linne's songs too.

All these things are a result of God's Majestic and Mighty plan. I know God lead me to these Christian rappers for a reason, and being lead to the sermons I've watched by these pastors is like confirmation. I Praise God and give Glory to HIM Alone for the things that have been sown in my heart by what I've been lead to. There are so many people who teach the wrong message, or preach the Gospel in a watered down or twisted form. I thank God so much for leading me to sound and healthy messages from music and sermons. I made a vow not too long ago that I wouldn't write anything unless it was sound to God's Word and His anointing was in it. I pray that God get ALL the Glory in everything I do, and if I ever stray from that focus in ANY way, may He break me until I am at His feet in repentance.

Soli deo Gloria (Glory to GOD Alone)

09-17-2010, 07:04 PM
Wow, that's awesome man. Love to hear about how much Christ has impacted your life! I'm new here, as well, lol - but I just wanted to say hello! Look forward to exploring the Word with you.

Be blessed!

09-17-2010, 07:16 PM
Thank You for the encouraging words. Much Love, Grace and Peace in Christ!

Here is my latest writing:

The Bible by my Bed

If I were to die tonight,
don't mourn or be discouraged/
there's a Bible by my bed,
please read and be encouraged/
this world is going crazy,
full of lies and deception/
they don't acknowledge God,
plus they got the wrong perception/
He's Holy and Majestic,
Christ is perfect in reflection/
do more than just accept Him,
He's more than a selection/
second person of The Trinity,
refused and neglected/
when He suffered on the Cross,
The Father's Wrath was injected/
the Atonement manifested,
now Christ is resurrected/
complete by God's Grace,
so through Faith we are connected/
but only by repentance,
'cause we're all born infected/
our lives must be inspected,
and sin must be rejected/
put your trust in Jesus Christ,
follow Him with true ambition/
these words I write are vital,
hope you get the comprehension/
life on earth is like a vapor,
so much more I'd like to mention/
read the Bible by my bed,
for the entire exposition...

09-17-2010, 11:59 PM
That's an awesome testimony. Welcome to the forums. John Piper and Paul Washer are two highly respected pastors here on HCR. It's good that you have recognized solid teaching. God bless!

09-18-2010, 12:26 AM
Thank you Brother!