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04-27-2009, 11:54 AM
Name and/or Nickname: Real Name Michael Landrum....went with the username s'wan cuz sa'wan is the hebrew word for warrior and that is what i believe God has called me in Him
Age: 19
Gender: son
Location: Raymond, WA
Church you fellowship at: Grace Community
Married?: Not naturally hah
Kids?: No
Occupation: Pizza Boy...just starting new job with county
Hobbies: studying His Word, basketball, music, rapping for fun
Anything Else?:I wont state all my specific beliefs and what-not because even above those things I BELIEVE and have SURRENDERED to THE ROCK JESUS the CHRIST and continue to shape my life around His Word/ways
Favorite artists: Trip Lee prolly my favorite, but i like the whole 116 fam....phanatik and ambassador thats prolly bout all the favorites i got...but i like the rest of cross movement, da truth, flame, todd bangz is hot too

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thanx for the welcome
straigh to the point..haha
yeah i look forward to checkin this place out a lil bit in my spare time...i used to be on some other rap forums but when i answered His call i cut that off and always kinda wuz curious about a Christian forum so its cool i found this....im not a real computer heavy guy but like i said i plan on spendin a little free time on here...thanx

04-28-2009, 02:14 AM
hey man welcome to the forum

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