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03-18-2009, 08:29 PM
What's good family...

I'm a transplant from ILLSPOT, so some of yall may already know me... (or HHZ/Godzhouse if you go way back like hop-scotch).

I stay out in Fort Worth, Texas... Married to an incredible woman of God... and got our first children on the way.

I became a Christian on September 8, 1996 and really have a heart for real life ministry... You know, gettin it in with folk who are struggling through life looking for TRUTH.

I love HipHop. I am ministered to by it and I use it to prayerfully minister to others. HipHop is apart of my life, but it is not my life. It does not complete me; Christ does.

If I can help you in any way, get at me. CHRoneloveIST


03-18-2009, 08:59 PM
Welcome fam! Good to see you come thru!

03-18-2009, 09:41 PM
Welcome! :wubclub:

03-25-2009, 02:36 PM
welcome, fam!