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Big B 2212
04-20-2007, 03:12 PM
Hey Yall

Can you please pray for these people. These emails came from a family that visited our church from Turkey. I will just paste them here so you can read and pray.

Thank you

Dear Friends,

I just got a phone call from Mike who is at the church. The Christian publisher here in Turkey where our chruch purchases all our Bibles from has just suffered a tragedy. It seems that several armed gunmen burst into the office and shot 4 people working there, killing 3 of them. This happened in Malatya, Turkey, which is in south/central Turkey. We have noted in recent weeks an increased sense of spiritual turmoil in the country. This could be related to the elections coming up in the fall, which promise to be quite a stir here. Please be in special prayer for the families of those killed and hurt, and for the country of Turkey as a whole.

Thanks for standing with us in His work.
Lori and Mike Platt and family

Dear Friends,
This is an update to the message I sent out yesterday afternoon concerning the attack yesterday afternoon in Malatya, Turkey. The four believers - three Turks and one German man - were all employees of the Christian publisher/bookstore there. Five Turkish men (at least at the most recent report) burst in a window, tied the hands and feet of the four Christians, and then killed the men using knives. One of the believers was able to escape out a window after being stabbed, but later died. At least three of the men were married, and at least 6 children are now without their earthly fathers. Five men were arrested at the scene and are being held. Some reports are saying that these men are part of a political nationalist group, and that the killings are politically motivated. Nationalist, in general, wronly hold the idea that propagating anything but Islam is an act of stealing the national identity of Turkey - and they feel quite strongly about this (obviously).
Nothing of this magnitude and violence has ever happened in the almost 10 years we have lived in this country, and the average Turkish person on the street - at least in Istanbul - is horrified that such a thing has occured. My very good friend, Fatosh, is actually from Malatya and has cried and cried over what has happened there. We had noticed, in the past couple of weeks, a growing tension in the air, as it were. Everyone - even our own family members - has seemed to be unusually edgy and disturbed in their spirits. In the natural, there is quite a bit of unrest over the upcoming national elections, but there seems to be a strong stirring in the spiritual realm, too.
We are so thankful for all you who are praying for us, and for the country of Turkey at this time. There is a huge possibility for the enemy to sweep in with bitterness and more hatred, but "where sin did increase, grace did increase all the more." This is what we are asking ou to join us in praying for - a huge outpouring of God's grace - on the families of the slain men, on the Turkish believers, on the foreign workers, and most importantly, on thos who have yet to receive the Truth. May this be the hour of His visitation to the nation of Turkey, and may the Turkish people turn to the One Who loves them.
Thank you for standing with us.
Lori Platt