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10-20-2006, 12:43 AM
Just so ya'll know, this is a re post of my response to my other thread. However, I thought it might be relevant to ya'll as well.

First I'd like to say that I appreciate the feedback. To make a long story short, I've got to say that I'm a bit hesitant to step back and say my approach was off. I do have a delete button. That being said, I know what I typed. And I didn't type it for no reason. At the risk of sounding like i'm back tracking, I'd like to explain some things.

First I'd like to address the statement in which I said I'm imitating Christ.
That served as a foundational example that is in support of my tone.

Also, for the ear cutting statements. I'm nuts. Well, lol, by the standard expectations of the world and the church, I am crazy. I'm not normal. It is what it is. And as far as me not being nice anymore....oh, boy. Well, for those who remember me from the beginning days of hcr, i was a very quiet type. I did my best to communicate valid points in a gentle tone. It didn't work. And I tried being nice to the church. It didn't work. People didn't like John the baptist's approach, Paul, etc, and let's not forget Jesus' approach.

See, there has to come a time in each one of our lives where we are not only discontent w/ situations but we are enraged by them. I mean, this is the same board I left almost two years ago. The HHH scene is still the same one it was last year...just more money..more people. Where's the revolution that HHH promised. Where's the revolution that HHH should be? Where are the albums that are so filled with conviction that sinners are drawn to it rather than repelled by it? And I'm not talking about the few and far between joints. All that does is add credibility to my opinion that half of HHH artists should quit. I'm so hurt and frustrated and angry w/this situation. See, I'm imitating the same JESUS that was so bothered inside by the situation in the temple that he flipped tables over and started whippin' at cats.

See, my intention IS to make you mad. At me? Sure, at first. Truth'll cut you. But when you get to the root of what I'm saying, you need to overlook your preference of delivery and realize who I want you to be mad at. YOU. Not even satan. YOU. I'm mad at me too. Furious!! I'm mad because I haven't been pushing the gospel as hard as these heads are pushing crack. I haven't been flaunting the gospel as flamboyantly as these rap monkeys are flaunting their sin.

I'm not trying to save Christians. We're already saved. We're content. But we need to be discontent w/the amount of souls that we're letting slip. These are the last days but we're carrying on as if we have time to slowly build this HHH machine. NO. We gotta push....we gotta be violent. And we gotta stop patty caking w/these cupcake HHH wanna be artists that ain't called to do it. Really, if you're wack, you're wack. You don't need to rap to be heard. In fact, none of us are effective because we rap. Whoever can be counted as effective it's because we speak the WORD OF GOD. And when we're not rapping, we're still spitting WORD. Besides, grabbing a mic and making a beat is easy. Signing autographs and chit chatting are easy things too. The real ministry is off stage when you plant the seeds of discipline to make disciples. When GOD checks you out, HE ain't gonna say, "Hey, remember the thousand kids that came to your show?" Nah, HE's gonna say "Hey, remember after the show when you talk to Rick? When you talked to Tonya and she was going to get an abortion but she didn't? When you helped Ajay through his depression?" That's what counts anyway. I don't know why so many of ya'll wanna be rappers like that's the illest.

Man, just trust me. I already know a lot of my holy family members arent' going to be too comfortable with my approach. But please trust that I have measured my words well. My intention initially is to agitate you, but the end product of that agitation is change. That's my true intention in the end. To inspire change and inspire soldiers. Soldiers that don't just train, but fight.

If I missed a point that I didn't address, you can e-mail me or just air me out in public. I'm no longer afraid of correction; that's b/c I'm very confident in the heart and the message GOD has given me to share with ya'll.....whether you like it or not.

Again, I'm addressing Christians. This is not how I address the unsaved. But I will address ya'll like this every so often cuz ya'll gotta toughen up. Trust me, the world is harsher than me. IF you can't handle it from a brother, you'll be distressed if it comes from the world who hates you.

PS: When I say ya'll, I'm speaking in generalities. If you felt like I stepped on your toes, it's cuz I did. This is for you. IF you didn't feel my feet on your toes, then it's not for you....but don't try to convince yourself that this ain't for you. Be honest w/yourself and work on that change.

Untill next time....

Peace. GOD bless.

10-20-2006, 06:47 AM
Family....I'm really feelin you on this. YOu got my number, lets build good brother.


p.s. its been way too long since we last talked!