Mr. Church Boy Releases New Single “I’m about that” which is a very captivating and happy song that you will enjoy listening to and while at it will encourage you to focus on Christ and give you “tips” on how to live a Christ-like life. Mr. Church Boy is also letting us know that he is all about Jesus and the Kingdom business. A dope song that is so full of life and energy!
Dedicated recording artist known as Mr. Church Boy is releasing his brand new single Im About That. Mr. Church Boy has been performing for local churches in Columbus, GA, and now he is released his new single on 08/14/2020. The single will be available through popular online stores and streaming sites, off of his new album Gods Inbox.
In addition, Mr. Church Boy ( is currently selling his album for Gods Inbox. Spotify will be streaming the single, the first song on the album Im About That. Many people have described this song as being full of energy and life.The song I'm About That gives a story on what Christian should focus on and what their life should be about, which is glorifying Jesus Christ.
Mr. Church Boy has been rapping for 10 years now, and has worked with many other talented artists in the Gospel music industry. He is extremely excited about his debut album, and his single Im About That is his most focused and furious material yet! Mr. Church Boy is a new addition to the definition of Hip-Hop, while sharing his values and beliefs to the masses. Not only is Mr. Church Boy a recording artist but he is a professional cook, skilled in martial arts, music producer and a percussionist. He is a firm believer in Jesus Christ and he is never scared or ashamed to give God the praise in his life and music.
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Im about that
Putting God first in my life
Im all about that
Im running up the road of faith
Im about that
Im steady racing for his grace
Im all about that
Verse 1:
J.E.S.U.S Im all about that
If you havent heard the word you need to get that
He is the way the truth and the life
The keys to the kingdom to have eternal life
J.E.S.U.S my lord God the best
Super duper Jesus got the S on my chest
His word is great like Tony the tiger Frosted Flakes
Im all about Jesus the most high I give him praise
Verse 2:
Im all about Jesus
I give him praise
Hes worthy
Hes full of grace
See Gods love is the best love
No other love that cant replace
The enemy cannot top that
Even if he had a hat to match
There is no comparison
He might as well just fall back
My Lord God my hero
My confidence far from zero
My praise on one hundred, but I remain humble
My balance in the word of God, so I will not stumble
Im walking In that main line with Jesus Like a tight rope

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