How does the Gospel and a graveyard get in the same video? A deep inhale and eyes open granting you into a first-person point of view to a young man dead in his sins waking up in the cemetery. Confused and afraid, he glances to his right to see a blurred image of a man preaching the Gospel in a tombstone smothered cemetery. Follow him as he takes his journey from the grave to God. Precious LORD looks into the harsh reality of the church’s current state of division and carnality and mankind’s need for Jesus Christ and repentance. @pastorcharlesr
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You see itís, all love when the casket close,
When you decorated for death in your casket clothes,
Now they elevate you at death, throw the casket rose,
When you separated from breath, in a casket pose,
Iíd rather witness to the living, then to talk with the dead,
But many breathing while deceased, like they the walking dead,
Having conversations with zombieís, thatís necromancy,
These denominations is hospice call the ambulances,
Pick a grave, by a stage, give a weak clap,
Paul bearer, please show em where their seat at
Kick ya seat back, put ya feet up, and while you wait hereís an RIP tract,
& While you read that, where ya fees at? Take ya tenth table where the deac at,
Leave ya bible in the car you donít need that, acts 2:38 we donít read that,
Take a moment just breath before you react,This the modern day church you believe that?
But we the church with legs, we gone convert the dead, and this a street revival we the EVAC!
We see the valley vultures, pulpit buzzard pastors,
Christian rappers worship culture, idolize and follow after?
Tell me can these bones live? Revive em, cuz they dry and, the Most High say they can rise,
& We the choir singing long live!
Many screaming ABBA meaning FATHER, yes He got kids,
But any who have not the Spirit of Christ are not HIS,
This worlds a melting pot, the pressures going to pop lids,
Itís cooking crack, you looking back to rock, Remember Lotís rib?
Thatís that Luke 17 and 32 Iím warning you,
This graveyard shift wake the dead, we not the morning crew,
My penmanship got too much pressure write with bleed throughs,
Ainít no remission, without blood read that in Hebrews,
And I got smoke for kemet, atheists, and Hebrews,
He bruised for me and you, paid to make us free usually,
Iíd share these sermons from the pulpit, but youíll get, just portions of the livestream, but you deserve the full clip,
Jesus is my anthem lay ya crowns at His feet,
Heís the resurrected champion whoís value increased,
Iím down at his feet, Iím lifting up a shout in streets,
I tie this flesh to the altar, burn it down with the heat,
Liquid lava, I hit the laver, wash from crown to the feet,
Baptized in Jesus Name, then He confounded my speech,
You got the plan of salvation, write it down and complete,
I slipped that Acts 2:38 in thatís astounding to me/
You whatís acts 2:38? I say what bible you read?
The church was founded on that day, write it down if you need,
You know the powers in Name? Please go down and receive,
Check acts 10 and acts 19, This the grounding you need,
Let me show you He this sower, feed the ground with the seed,
Check ya soul, I mean ya soil, donít be a counterfeit weed,

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