Album Release Caesura: The Debut Collaboration Album

The Problem: CHH has a long-lasting issue of a lack of unity. We’ve identified the issue, but few have seemed to actually take steps to remedy this constant talking point.
The Solution: Curate a collaboration album of 26 indie artists and 6 producers in an attempt to unify our genre, conduct good/ Godly business & support the platforms of like-minded independent artists.
The What: “CAESURA [SAY-SUR-UH] (defined as an interruption or short pause) is my first attempt to curate, creatively direct & independently A&R a project. It comes after an 11-year hiatus from producing and releasing music to the public. CAESURA is my public declaration that my hiatus is over. I’ve been given a gift, and I’ll be using it to serve the body.”
The Desire: “I hope that CAESURA will inspire more out of the box collaborations in CHH. I hope that we will learn to celebrate, but also tangibly invest in one another. I hope this will create a larger platform for our tribe, indie or major. I hope Christian rappers and rappers who happen to be Christian will be accepted as ministers & entertainers alike. It is my hope that as the body of Christ we will be willing to play our particularly crafted position to push this community forward, ultimately glorifying Christ. Hopefully, your CAESURA, no matter your sphere of influence, is over too!”
About DJ LostNFound
Husband of one, Father of two, Brother to many. James Hardy, aka DJ LostNFound (LNF), has pursued his passion for music since the age of 16. What started as a pastime of making beats by God’s grace has grown into a full-fledged multi-faceted ministry.
In the winter of 2017, James began learning the art of DJing. His goal was to supply Believers with a DJ whose main goal was to provide a fun atmosphere without quenching the Holy Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:18–22). Little did he know that God’s plan for his life was far more expansive! With less than a year of DJing experience, DJ LostNFound joined the Rise Up Worldwide Radio Show ( family with the idea of serving a global audience because “faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God.”
Learning radio opened opportunities for him to begin his own mix show, "The 1st N 15th MixShow" via Holy Culture Radio, an internship with the NewH2O in 2019, operate sound for the Rise Up 2019 concert featuring Ian Kenville, Shiwan, Ruslan & Steven Malcolm, and DJ for artists such as S.O. & Eshon Burgundy.
In his latest endeavor, LNF is focused on serving the overlooked independent artists within CHH. He is currently curating music to push the concepts of unity and oneness within the body of Christ while enlarging the platforms of said artists. CAESURA will boast of artists from various corners of CHH and is expected to release in September 2020

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