Obviously, you can find botters who are not really gamers, they use a sport as job, which can be completely BS and they're thieves, stealing real money x.x And also a tiny number of players may use this game as occupation. They update equipments in any way and finally sell for real cash (USD or paypal) and do not necessarely quit the game. Certain individuals would use this excuse"oh but I prefer contribute to another player for hard work" mainly due to Nexon scam feeling. People who"contribute" to other players do not realize they are stealing Nexon company directly.

I personnally know 1 man in-game who has this thought but since I could not take picture, I couldn't take screenshot and report him, especially if he mentionned the vendor IGN. I had a very long discussion with this guy to say that these illegal transactions are REALLY Maple Mobile Mesos , but he doesnt seem to care and that he explained to cover these players is ok, especially if they use the game AS job. I was like WOAHHH!!!! Game doesnt equal occupation X.X Unbelievable how I can ramdomly fulfill many kinds of unhealthy people without understanding. Fantastic thing I don't join well known guilds and even more, that I choose also many cappion gamers in friend list. Since I can now take screenshot, I can now report some of them who violate ToS.

I play this game long enough to know this issue is real... especially due to the reasons this game has become pay2win and again, it is not only Nexon fault, but in addition an amount of players that are unhealthy. C'mon this is really a game. And it is not tough to respect ToS. I know certain people can use the shortage of time as excuse.

We can think of ways to reduce pay2win and promote RPG aspect, particularly bring RPG facet in gamers mindset. You know, we can ALL alter the way we are playing the game and also for GOOD!!! We can list some ideas to reduce pay2win aspects in lots of ways.

It can be by correcting damage cap to make more balance but also setting the minimum damage cap for fast hitters for a exact same quantity of funding as many different classes. You can guys suggest what harm caps we ought to utilize. Or mainly the minimal cap damage for fast hitters Guide For Maplestory mobile mesos maximum damage cap, used for very slow classes, quite good 1v1 damage trader and who are built as a PURE bossing personality with a huge lack of advantage besides harm outputs.