Just to share a quick story about this song.

Moved to Japan about a year and a half ago. I was really hurt by the way Christian Rap was going and also realized alot of the older stuff was just way off in the lyrics and wrong. BRAGGING about Possessions and Money.

Anyways God told me to make a Christian Rap song it was actually VERY CLEAR. The whole purpose was to complete a song and give it to him. Just to see if I would listen to him. It wasn't about money (It's a free download) or about getting a bazillion plays. It was about following Gods calling. So even 1 year later and I still didn't release anything. Then finally I was motivated as I felt Satan was holding me back everytime I wanted to get focused he would distract me. Anyways had half the song done and was still delaying until..... 1 day at a school I teach at in Japan. I found out 2 boys died in a fire. Their mom left the stove on and the kids at home and quickly went to the grocery store and the boys died. So after hearing that I was crushed. But at the same time realized that these boys won't have a chance to live their life and here I am doing what??? So I got on the horse and finished the first verse and got the song finished.

Anyways I appreciate any comments!! I ALSO realize I am NOT a Rapper or a Christian Rapper. I do like putting songs together even with my lack of skill. AT least the beat is nice!!

Thanks for reading.