Grace and peace to you all , in the name of Jesus the Messiah !!

Im Chris M.
Im a born again Christian who believes every word of the bible.
Im married , and living in Northern Ireland ( but still waiting on God sending me to minister in the Bahamas =p )

I make electronic music using FL studio 10 and some hardware . Its experimental but I put a lot of emphasis on tryin to make strong , memorable melodies.

My music is

Not sure what to do with the music at the minute. Im learning " He must increase , and I must decrease" but its not clear to me what way im headed with it all yet.

Im not attending church right now , due to not being able to find one that actually believes the bible , and is close to where my wife and I live. Instead I listen to Andrew Wommack , who is a great teacher , and has a lot of free teaching in audio and video here

I love messin around with graphics , and formula 1 racing.