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    Angry Allow Me To Introduce Myself..

    Nom De Plume: Plain Ole Me aka VaSpekt

    Age: Quarter Century Plus

    Location: 757

    Church you fellowship at: The church is a body, the body's not a buildin lol.. but I spend my sundays @NLC Ham10

    Married?: Bride of Christ *church lady voice*

    Kids?: None that I know of..

    Occupation: I'm about my father's business lol.. psyche I work with kids, No Sandusky.

    Hobbies: Being Polemic. Feeling Omniscient. Overthinking. I write rhymes, but i dont rap and no im not not another christian rapper.

    Anything Else?: I'm perfectly imperfect. I don't think outside the box if I did that would presume I'm in a box to begin with. I'm too spiritual minded to be any earthly good and too earthly minded to be any spiritual good. Good thing His ways are not my own and He uses the foolish to confound the wise.

    Favorite artists: Shad K, eshon Burgundy, Old Budden, Tragic Hero, Lupe, Stack Bundles (RIP), shai linne, Jean Grae, Da T.R.U.T.H., Jay-Z (pre-American Gangster), The Remnant, Bumps INF, Pusha T, No Malice, Andy Mineo, Kareem Manuel, SCMGWP.

    WHATS REALLY GOOD HolyCulture? *stinkmeaner voice*

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