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    Sorry about that BC... I just happen to see your post while on the road and just copied and pasted it from my iPhone. Of course I don't have the physical volume, cuz I'm thrifty. I bought a module of it through Mantis Bible Study Software for iPhone/iPad for $25 which I thought was an awesome deal. Thus, no page numbers...

    I may have to break down and buy it on Logos as I was awaiting the fine people at Accordance to get it, but no dice...
    No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means. --George Bernard Shaw

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealPae View Post
    Aight ya, I like the idea of witing it down on paper and tossing it afterwards, ima use like 100 combinations lol.

    Peace HCR, it was good when it was good, hit me up on twitter if you like @TheRealPae or email me here bcomingone@gmail.com, and just to explain a bit: Im way disappointed by conversations, topics and nonsense that goes on here (not all topics and posts, but a lot), and the truth of the matter is that I dont need to visit here its a waist of time, I can watch TMZ and other sources for this.

    This board doesn't remind me of Holiness, or set apart. Moreso, I feel like theres a lot of worldliness...anyways, sorry if I ever offended you or am offending you now, please forgive me.

    But those of ya I connected with KIT, Sola Deo Gloria...

    Lester aka TheRealPae
    This board doesn't remind me of Holiness, or set apart. Moreso, I feel like theres a lot of worldliness...
    Hmm......years ago you picked up on this, yes. If you ever read this again, please know there are a few brothers who have stayed the course and continued to preach and live out holiness.
    The Bible said for Jesus we're ambassadors / So it's time to rip off this muzzle of fear and passiveness / Datin

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