Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ! My name is Eugene Zohlmann. I am 37 years old. My nickname is soulwinner1524. I am blessed to be married to an anointed woman of God, Tabitha Zohlmann. My church is the Pentecostals of Spartanburg. My wife an I are called to be missionaries to Africa. God has blessed me with a gift of creativity. I write lyrics. The only problem that I have with that is I do not have the talent or skill to write the music to go with my lyrics. I write both Christian contemporary and Christian hip hop. I have decided that if I come out with a just Christian hip hop CD that I would call the CD, "Warning: White Man Rapping", as in contrast to dead man walking. That may sound humorous and lack serious spirituality but it is actually in reference to how our Christian message is illegal in 51 countries. My rap has a serious, go for the jugular type Christian message. Here are a couple of lines to show what I am talking about, "I'm not in this business for just playin' games, I'm out for your soul and not just a name! I'm not in it for the money or material dreams, see, your soul when you die is worth more than things." I do not do anything half way. I do not consider my self a rapper or a Christian contemporary singer, although I really want to see God use me in those areas. Instead I consider my self a lyrical evangelist. Everything that I do has a message. I am open to all who have questions about the bible or just meet to talk. I am a man with a servant's heart. Let me help you to be all God wants you to be. Let us also stop trying to fit the star shape block through the world shaped hole. We were not meant to fit in but we were meant to lead. We are to shine the light of christ so much that they see our "good works" and glorify our father in heaven. So tell me, what have you done for someone else lately that was so nice that they were just puzzled and said to themselves, there must be more this Jesus than I expected? Remember, we me not be saved by our but others are.