What's up everybody? I'm a new Christian hip hop artist and I go by Saint Warhead. My tagline is urban Christianity for the struggling soul and conscious hip hop that feels your pain...

You can check me out @:

Let me know what y'all think of my track Sleep Walkin'. If you dig it, be sure to sign up for my mailing list from the "My Band" tab on my Facebook page or from the widget on my MySpace page. :-)

On a personal note, I'm a 21-year-old white dude from the coast of Oregon. I became a Christian in '05, was baptized in '07, and am a member of Christ Community Church in Tualatin, OR. I go to school full-time online at Berklee College of Music, and I'm workin' 24/7 to make my music and promote it - but I'm just startin' out. I actually got a pretty interesting testimony. I went to jail for 6 years when I was 16 for a robbery conviction and became a Christian while I was incarcerated. If anyone wants to read my testimony or a copy of my artist bio just hit me up and let me know. Good to be here, much love and God Bless.