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    Post Wutang family artist now a Christian..

    Peace n luv to all, well its a honor and a privilage be now understand God's throns. Once was 80proof a.k.a illa instinct artist to shyheim the manchild of wutang killa bees. Dropped 2 underground hits with wutang killarmy family and started my album. Wasnt to long after that when I started my promo tour begining in sa,tx God Took over. So there is way more to this but the most part im here to let yall know God called me out of my pit of death on my way to hell working with the best in the industry.

    Formally known as 80proof a.k.a illa instinct---
    now a new name has emerged ''7vnseal a.k.a Gods dagger''
    I've been in full-time ministry for a year now as a Minister of the Gospel.
    Under headship with my Bishop Donny Banks at Vicoty Gospel Chapel.
    Since my departure of Universal mgt. and with and Wu-tang affiliation I have giving it all up. But I know have peace and joy and Love by my Jesus!

    So now ill be picking up the mic real soon back in the booth I do have a few tracks up and ready, ill be posting them by this weekend. And will be working on a mixtape for free!!

    expect the mixtape to drop mid 10'
    FEAT. DIRT of shadow of the locust
    Sivion of deep space 5
    Theory hazit
    Corey Red
    and myself 7vnseal a.k.a Gods dagger

    being with wu fam for a good while having that essence
    my tone has changed and thought process aswell. But do expect same energy same rawness and nothing but the war for the Holy one! Christ the Lord!

    I'm not here to say im this and that, matter fact im nothing without my Christ, I say this humbly.. I should be dead plenty of times, from overdose, gang violence, and gunshots missing my head. I was tired of being tired!

    know that Christ is working in the industry and I was on my way to hell with a quickness,
    I was going to sign my distribution with Chambermusic/ which is part of the illuminati/freemason 4thdegree.. satan was pushing me to worship him eventually i would have full blown.
    I need Jesus so bad I just want his love he says and now I have it!

    for more info on bio etc... go to

    hit me up with ur ?'s or coments ill be more than happy to talk about it all..

    please to all the artist in Christian music, don't get stuck on trying to get a label or managment deal etc... it aint about that it's about the Gospel of our Lord and time is short don't get caught up in it.. satan is everywere but i have power over his power by his holy NAME LUKE 10:19
    love yall 4 real!
    Jesus died for us..


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    Welcome to HCR!!!

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