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    Quote Originally Posted by phil View Post
    But it was praised on here
    lol! you've been here long enough to know that HCR is no monolith. it kills me when folk ... especially those who KNOW they don't think as the loudmouths do ... make it seem like HCR is one voice. their presence alone shows that HCR is as diverse as the Body.

    so whether one person's words were praised here or not ... "i," the person pointing out the craziness of hodge's lyrics and their lack of realization that those words are like a team fighting against itself while it gets scored on by the enemy, don't remember being one who praised the Truth lyrics you speak of. no contradiction in my memory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCalvinist View Post
    Reading Rodney's last post and Zee's (great post Zee), I think we need to head back to the front page of the apology and look at the section that says "please respect our privacy".

    Some of you may nitpick at the wording, but not knowing Manny personally and never having dealt with him, but knowing his reputation up to this time with others, I'm going to err on the side of grace and give him the benefit of the doubt that some of his wording (like 'sabbatical') was poorly chosen. The intention of his heart seems to be to do right now and if he's doing what he's supposed to do with regard to his wife and at his church, that's pretty much all that needs to be said or REVEALED.

    None of us needs to know all of the details, even though the details have been 'leaked' here and there by folks.

    That said, I'm thinkin' this one has run its' course, IMO. But the call to lock it up is on Milton.
    And I think on that note, we'll go ahead and close this thread. I think it's more than ran it's course.
    "The Internet isn't written in pencil, Mark. It's written in ink." - Erica, The Social Network

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