Name and/or Nickname: Carlos Johnson
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Location: Kansas City, MO. (Not Kansas!!!)
Church you fellowship at: CTWO
Married?: Like Christ and the Church!!
Kids?: One day prayerfully!
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Studying any and everything, and B-Ball
Anything Else?: Spending time with family & friends
Favorite artists: Flame

And for good measure: The intro lyrics from my first album:
You got a minute man?
Let me talk to you
I promise I'll be brief but what I speak is really crucial
I peeped your lifestyle, seems sin is your burning desire
But I rep the Living Water he'll put out the fire
He's got rock solid truth for you to build on
And it'll last forever Jesus is the Cornerstone
We fall short of His measurements fam, and He's the ruler
Christ is the "Total Package", so I call Him Lex Luger
We're born His enemies, so He calls us Lex Luthor
But Christ the SuperMan, yes he can save from doom bruh, cause
Christ shed His blood for the homies, but homey, it's for a limited time only so
Fix your eyes on Christ, He wants all your attention
I wrote some rhymes about Him fam I pray you stop and listen
And don't be led by that music with the rims spinning cause
Hip Hop is dead but Jesus Christ is still living yeah!!

Grace and Peace,