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    Default Old church...

    Okay fam...last year around this time, I left the church I had been an extremely active member of for three years. I'd known for at least 8-9 months that SOMETHING wasn't right about his teachings and had become increasingly critical (and discerning, praise God!) about what was being taught there. The straw that broke the camels back was when the senior pastor offered up money as an atonement for sins. That Sunday was literally the FINAL time I stepped foot in that church.

    Okay...returning to today....A friend who ALSO attended that church but left shortly after the Lord graciously opened his eyes to the truth called me this morning to inform me that another young lady in the church had called him and was VERY concerned (and frightened) about something that was prayed for/taught yesterday. The senior pastor held up MONEY as an atonement for sins AGAIN.

    The friend who called me has been challenging her for at least 6-7 months to get into her word more and has been met with all kinds of crazy accusations (from her), namely that he believes the "doctrine of demons." He's never bad mouthed the old church or told her to leave outright. To my knowledge he's never even discussed openly with an of the current members of the old church WHY he really left...This may be the means by which God is showing her the truth, just as he did for me.

    *sigh*....I said all that to stress the need for prayer right now. PLEASE pray that the Lord lead her to a new church. Please pray for the leadership of my old church, that they repent and turn BACK to God and his word. Please pray for the current members and regular attenders as well.
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