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Thread: my attitude

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    Default my attitude

    keep my attitude in prayer, with the heartache and hardship i've been going thru i started to get a little upset, and then God showed me Isreal in the wilderness and how the grumbled and complained. I began to think of how i'm grumbling and complaining, the same way that Isreal began to talk about how they had it better as slaves in Egypt, I remember thinking I had it better as a slave of sin. Back then all my bills were paid I always had money, didnt go thru a fraction of the things i'm going thru now. I realized how Isreal's time in the wilderness was prolonged because of their ingratefulness, disobedience etc. I'm frustrated because ALL of my bills are slated to be cut off next week, and I have NO money to take care of them, I know God is a provider as He has provided in time of need soooo many times before, but when i'm looking at I have a family to provide for I get discouraged, but above all in my life its about God's will and not mine, so just pray that I can keep a humble spirit, and attitude in this trial

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    I will continue to pray. I know life will get hard but I pray that you will trust God and maybe tell Him how you feel (just like David did in Psalm 3:7)be honest with Him. Ask him to help you. Trust God in your sisutions.

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    praying for ya bro
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