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    Default The Burden of Ministry

    this is a blog entry that i wanted to share with y'all... i really poured out my heart on this one... feel free to leave comments (preferably @ my blog... but feel free to double post it here too so we can discuss if ya want)

    How do you know that youíre called to do something? Thatís a question that Iíve been wrestling with lately. I know for a fact that I know the answer, but it feels like I donít know what the answer is. The fact of the matter is, if youíre walking in the Holy Spirit, that you just know; thereís no lightning bolt that strikes or anything drastic, you just know within yourself that this is what youíre supposed to do. God presents you with a problem, and then challenges you with the task of finding the answer and correcting the problem. Itís as simple as that; it really is.

    Thatís how I feel about Trailblazin Ministries; I feel that there is a problem and need staring me in the face and Iíve been challenged with the task of resolving the problem. Now, this is no small problem, but it is one that has become my own, no matter how many times I wish I could put it down or hand it off to someone else. What is the problem? I really donít know how to put it into words, but it involves spreading the message of the gospel through the medium of technology (i.e. the Internet), combined with bringing about unity among the Body, as well as being a voice crying out for this generation. This is my burden of and for ministry; this is the task that God has placed before me, challenging me to the core of my being.

    You see, my strongest spiritual gift is that of teaching, which coupled with a few others, makes for a very interesting ministry path, at least I would like to think so. I love teaching the Word of God and expounding upon the Scriptures to a group of people, but Iím the last person you would find behind a pulpit or in the streets sharing the gospel. Iím a very introverted person, and like to keep to myself, yet while on the computer and the Internet it seems that I can open up and share with just about anyone. Combine that with a love for all kinds of music, primarily the Christian variety of hip-hop, and you basically see what I have going on in Trailblazin Ministries.

    To back up for a minute, the Internet was always a ďtoyĒ for me growing up, and I never really considered it to be anything more than a hobby and future career; never did I think that I would be using it to do ministry. It wasnít until late 1999 and early 2000 that I encountered a minister that was using the chatroom feature of yahoo! groups to hold online ďchurch servicesĒ where they would have praise and worship, prayer, and the Word delivered all through a text based chat room. Needless to say, I became a member and I basically engulfed myself into the teachings of that minister (along with the teachings of my local pastor) and really began to see how the world could be reached through the medium of the Internet. It was around that same time that I began my first ministry website (Jesus4Life) and used that to put my own devotions and Bible studies online for others to read (although I doubt many people read them).

    Where Hip-Hop Meets Scripture - http://devos.hiphop
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    I can really relate to your blog on many levels. I too understand portions of my calling, and God has placed a desire/burden for very specific areas of ministry, which includes the homeless, youth and adults (particularly within the "hip-hop culture/generation"), order within the church assembly, and establishing God's Kingdom by raising disciples properly who will go out and make disciples that make disciples . I've also been given a gift to teach and preach, among other spiritual gifts that I pray will be properly used in submittance to the Holy Spirit to bring edification and unity to the Body and salvation and deliverance to the lost and suffering. I have a strong heart for evangelism too. Basically I want to see souls saved and saint's delivered.

    I can be a very introverted person as well, especially in large groups, however when it comes to God's Word and His work a boldness comes over me, it's almost like a transformation. I am continually being pushed out of my comfort zone, but in doing so my faith and my boldness has increased. In times past I have often downed myself for not being the most effective communicator, and for my introvertness around people, but in those weaknesses Christ is my strength.

    The visions that God has given me (and I feel this goes for any believer for that matter) are huge and cannot be done by myself. We are called together as a body, each joint fitly supplies each other, so we need each other to do His work.

    Sometimes I feel like Moses, sometimes I feel like Jeremiah, sometimes I feel like Peter, but God always uses the ones who nobody would expect, those that will humble themselves despite their shortcomings, those are the ones that God has ordained to glorify Himself through, those are the ones that truly love God.

    I will be praying for your ministry (and I'm not just saying that), because I truly believe that God has greater things in store for you than you can even fathom right now. Continue to think big, cast down every vain imagination that might try to have you second guessing, and keep seeking God for direction. Stay humble, stay obedient, and watch God move. Amen.

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