View Full Version : Pray for the Health of my Family...

10-18-2011, 09:03 AM
I and a couple of my kids been sick this last couple weeks. My physical condition escalated and it hit me that something serious is/was going on. I punched my stuff in WebMD and started crossing out stuff on the list that I knew it couldn't be... The list came down to mold and I couldn't rule out the possibility because all my symptoms matched it.

As soon as I got home I decided to use the training I got from taking Mold Awareness classes at my last employer, in which taught me where to find it, and how to re-mediate minor cases of it. To my shock when I got home I ripped open a section of the wall and the entire house has it in the walls...

Now I'm looking for a new place to go. I called the landlord yesterday afternoon and they were supposed to send someone. I've taken pictures already myself with a camera that time and date stamped the pictures. In the meantime we also are barely pulling through a financial mess and now have to try and find a way to deal with moving costs.

Please keep us lifted, my 2 youngest children are sick from it, as well as myself. We need God to open doors of opportunity to get into a new place.

10-18-2011, 12:13 PM
God loves you and your children. I command sickness to leave your body and your children's bodies as well. You guys be healed in the name of Jesus! Thank you Jesus! I'm also praying for your financial situation. God bless. I love you. Peace.

10-19-2011, 02:12 AM
Better news... God showed us a house, bigger than what we have, and amazingly the landlord reduced the price for no apparent reason... and told us if we could find a worthy enough renter to take on the upstairs (efficiency) apartment he would give us a bigger discount and give him a discount too... to no surprise I called my buddy up and he is interested... The landlord also went from stating absolutely no pets, to allowing us to have ours... God is faithful... the landlord even reduced the deposit, and my current landlord has granted the termination of our lease, as well as giving us our security deposit from this place.

I did some praying and came to the conclusion that I had some sound equipment I've been sitting on for some time, and was able to part with a few pieces and got our situation under control for the most part. Thank you everyone for all the prayers.