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07-11-2011, 06:32 PM
As you all know I've had a new full time job for about three weeks or so now. I was referred today for a promotion within the company to a productions manager position. I am going to apply, and am at the very least encouraged that I was referred for the position having only been working for the company itself for 3 weeks. I am unsure whether or not I will have money for school in the fall. The man I met with said it would be feasible to work and do school as well if I get the tuition(probably minimal hours, but regardless it can work) so this MAY be God opening a door for me to have a full-time job that pays enough to pay rent and a minimum loan payment if it comes to that. It's a salaried job with benefits.

Pray for me as I apply, and re-draft my resume for the position as the application is set to be submitted tomorrow (per my boss). I would love this opportunity, the chance to learn on the fly, grow in my responsibilities and as a person -- and this is just a blessing regardless. A fantastic testament to God's faithfulness and provision for his children. Pray for discernment, and I will keep you all as updated as I can. If I get it, praise God! If I don't get it, praise God!

Grace and peace,
HCR familia!