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king neb
01-19-2010, 12:56 PM
This is sort of an announcement / prayer request.

As i have shared before here, some of my doctrinal distinctives (namely, preterism) have got me into trouble with churches and pretty much ruined ministry opportunities, in terms of staff positions. This in turn is kicking my butt job wise, because that was my skill, so to speak. I invested most of my adult life preparing for ministry in Baptist circles and embracing preterism closed many doors. Baptist or otherwise.

I attempted to start a career in residential appraising down in Florida, but that was bad timing and a bad place to do it. lol. Tampa was in the top 5 for hardest hit cities in the country. I was laid off there after 6 years. Went to a mortgage company to try processing...company closed up doors after 5 months.

Moved to TN a year ago to make life a tad easier...cost of living is cheaper here. It definitely helped, but finding a decent full time job has been, well, a full time job. haha. So far, nothing has materialized...other than continuing 17-18 hours a day between two jobs making scraps.

One thing i have noticed over the year is tons of trucking jobs. For the heck of it, i applied last January and got a response within 5 hours. But i couldn't get myself to do it. I think i would enjoy the job itself, but i would hate being away from the wife and kids 2-3 weeks at a time.

A year later, i'm not any better off, so i tried again. And they want me. Rats...lol.

After much talk with my wife and other drivers, i finally gave in. I'll be leaving for Indianapolis this Sunday for three weeks for CDL school. After that, i will be placed with a trainer and living with a stranger in a truck for approx. 4 weeks. Then i'll be on my own after that.

The pay will be good. In fact, if all goes as planned, Lord willing, what little debt i have ...which was mainly racked up recently to get through decreased hours...will be clear.

My goals are to transfer to a local truck job within the first 3 to 6 months, be completely debt free in 12 months, and purchase at least 5 acres to start building my cob house next year.

Prayer for:

1. Amanda and the kids, obviously. I'm sure that the time away (typically 3 weeks out at a time, a day and a half off) is going to really hit hard after a month or two.

2. A sane, healthy, right-minded driver trainer. If nonbeliever, pray they have not hit Ge 6 stage yet. lol. It will be heck on earth if i have to spend four weeks in a truck with some crazy person. I've heard some crazy stories about trainers.

3. Safety on the road

I'm sure there are other concerns, but those are the main ones i have on my mind.

I have no idea what my involvement online will be. Come Sunday, i'll be three weeks without a computer.

I'm looking into getting an iPhone, which would nicely wrap internet, phone, etc., all in one. But i'm sure my usual long posts/articles will be out of the question.

Anywho, i realize this is child's play in light of what others are going through worldwide and i hope that i don't come across as a baby. lol. I just know that trucking has ruined many families. My dad temporarily went nuts when he was out on the road. My boss went through two divorces. The time away can eat at a person.

Thanks for listening and i really do appreciate the family i have here, even you preterist haters. hahaha. Peace.

ps. BlackCalvinist and I had a nice chat on the phone last week. It was good talking to Kerry. We're cool now.

Maybe i can hook up with some of you since i'll be all over the country. PM me if interested.

01-19-2010, 01:44 PM
and I'm prayin' for your safety, you and your family remaining strong in the bond of marriage/parenthood and that a local job opens up SOONER for you.

For those wondering, I called Neb up to personally apologize to him both specifically (because he was right about the character of one person, as this person had to be banned from LDM for being a disruption, even though me and the person agree theologically) and in general (because on my end, I've done things to push his buttons that were unChristlike).

We're cool. Disagree on eschatology (heavily - I still hate full preterism :p ), but when we do disagree, we're going to be a lot more charitable in our approach to each other.

king neb
01-19-2010, 02:08 PM
Awesome Kerry. Thanks again. I really enjoyed our chat.

I hope you and your wife had a great rest this weekend. By the way, was your movie any good? ( :

01-19-2010, 03:01 PM
What movie ? ;) :biglaugh:

king neb
01-19-2010, 04:25 PM
What movie ? ;) :biglaugh:

Say no more newlywed. :biglaugh:

01-19-2010, 04:41 PM
Hey, bro, I have an uncle who's been a truck driver for almost his entire life, started driving trucks from an early age, thank God, he's just been involved in an accident like once, from what I know... he is not a believer, but I know The Lord has taken care of him... there is also a bro in church who is a truck driver, and like you said, he's often away from the family. I've just spoken with him about his job about once or twice.. I do not know how his family cope with it, but I know the Lord strengthens them....
May the Lord give you and your family strength and comfort during this period of time, bro.. may He also give you strength when temptations come... and may He use you to evangelize unsaved truck drivers!

God bless you

01-20-2010, 02:05 PM
Praying for you brotha. Lots of time to pray and read scripture. But man that is a tough life. It seems like it can aid your future plans, and if its temporary..good for you. I pray for all your concerns. They are right on target.

I am also glad you and Kerry were able to work some issues out. Praise God for that break through. I pray God's favor will be the same in your new venture.

king neb
02-13-2010, 12:11 PM
i just wanted to thank everyone again for their prayers and encouragement. I graduated two days ago, top of class. My instructor was a christian (missionary baptist) and we had a wonderful time of fellowship, while i grinded gears and barely missed curbs. hahaha. He said i was a natural and that my calm spirit would get me far in this biz. I also got to encourage a fellow classmate who confessed to me that he has gotten away from the Lord over the past year. After trying to lift him up, i found him in the pool area the next night reading book ten of the Left Behind series. I was thinking, "NO!" rofl. But that's all right, i let it go. hahaha.

I'm home for a week, then off on a greyhound to a terminal up north for 4 days of company orientation and will be leaving from there with my company trainer.

I was fortunate enough to get on a lobby computer at the hotel during school and keep in contact; not sure how well that will work out from this point on.

anywho, thanks again! You guys don't know how encouraging you have been.