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09-22-2009, 12:25 PM
i feel at times that saints in the Body of christ dont have my best interest in mind
i have doubts about yall still and ive been saved 6 years... i am stand-offish becuase of standards put on me... i only trust certain people in the Body of christ.ive been talked about by many christians behind my back snickered at .. clowned on and what not
i dont see love amongst yall as i read it in the Word.. weirdly enough it gives me fuel to counteract and be a better example.. i also struggle with yall on the elitism... i see elitism with yall becuase its like me bein in a weight room and only being able to lift 120 and people expect me to go up to 320 ( weight in bible knowledge, theological weight,apologetics.)i also mean elitism in how other christians are being treated.if you dont know what i know how i know it .. i see no need to be your brother/sister. i feel alone like maybe i need to keep to myself cuz i dont measure up and i just need to study privately. my local body is showin me sum love but other times its doin whats posted here. im just needin an answer

09-22-2009, 01:00 PM
I will be in prayer for you. One thing I have recently learned is to put my trust in God, not man. I don't mean that negatively, it is just that we each have free will. A person can drive themselves insane wishing for the will of others to change. Another thing I have learned is that love never fails. Walk in love towards the brethren, and know that it will cause them to either straighten up or move. When it is all over, God will not be interested in what the others did to cause me to react, He will only be interested in my actions. We can not afford to react, we can only respond. The difference being control. If you react to others, they have the control; if you respond, you have it.

Take control of your life and give it to Christ.

God bless!

Dustin Medicus (Onesimus)
09-27-2009, 01:09 AM
Phoenix, I definetly feel you on the way people act. We do need to be a better example. If you would like someone to fellowship with, pray with, study the bible with, ask a question, you can hit me up. I will have to remember to keep you in prayer.