View Full Version : Train Crash in D.C.

Phlo w/God
06-22-2009, 06:16 PM
Just heard breaking news about a train crash in the D.C. Metro train system - on the red line! So far, there is only one fatality but all of the area hospitals have been notified...many have been injured! They say one train is on top of the other train.

Definitely, Fam, as you pray, keep this situation in your prayers! In all of my years of being in this area and using the metro system, I have never heard of an accident like this! I do not know what caused it as of yet - it just became breaking news, tho the incident happened about an hour ago! So, as you pray and talk to God thru out ya day, please, keep the people and their loved ones involved - in ya prayers!!!

IN Christ..........praying!!!

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