View Full Version : pray for our church

10-25-2007, 09:29 AM
I have been having problems at my church.

Tithing went to the church not to build the church or pay the bills. 10% should be set aside for 2 different people. Scripture says that 10% goes to the widows and orphans. Welfare could close its doors tom. if the church would do what they are supposed to do. Lately, it seems that my youth pastor and priest have strayed off course. They seem to be more worried about getting a new facility in the future. The church is even in debt. It is my youth pastors big dream to have a million dollar facility. I have been wanting to tell him my opinions, but I have kept silent. I have even been thinking about leaving our church. I go to an assembly of God church, and don't know if I should tell him, leave, or just keep it to myself. Well, I need to keep it short. . .got class