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Put to death the misdeeds of the Body-Killing Sin

When we regard sin as dead, we view it as no longer having the same power that it did before. It no longer reigns and rules our members. We no longer live to sin, enjoy it, desire it, crave it or chase it. We have put to death the misdeeds of the body-we have killed sin.
I was recently disturbed by a conversation that I had with a young man who considered himself Christian. He tried to convince me that there was nothing wrong with premarital sex, he stated the he was only human and although he strived to be pure and blameless like Christ, he still had needs. He went on to tell me that although he freely sin he still loved God. Immediately this scripture came to me during our conversation, ďIf you love me, you will obey what I commandĒ John 14:15. So did he really love God? Had he written Godís laws on his heart, and was determined to obey? Did he understand what sin was and fall out of love with it? Was he determined to live this life putting to death the misdeeds of the body? Or, was he still a slave to sin?
Killing sin requires the mind of Christ; sin must no longer look the same, feel the same, and taste the same. Its appeal must be altered into something vile, repulsive, disgusting and shameful. A young lady once gave a testimony on her deliverance from her desire for sin, she said that she had asked the Lord to allow her to see and feel what He does when she is engaged in sex with her boyfriend. She went on to state that when he touched her she felt sick to her stomach-his touch repulsed her, his smell made her gag and his kiss was no longer appetizing- he no longer looked the same to her. She viewed him the same way that God had; it was repulsive, the stench of sin.
After having an encounter with Christ a transformation ought to take place. The way we view sin must be altered, because our mindset has been altered. We must have a desire to crucify our sins based on its cost and its penalty. Our sin is the reason that Christ suffered in his mortal body and intercedes on our behalf before God daily. We should hate what our sin put Christ through. Our sin sickness robed us of a blissful relationship with God that was purposed to exist before the fall of mankind. And because of the Fall, all of creation is at a standstill, the world is in the depraved and sinful condition that it is in. This earth is polluted with death, destruction, chaos, depravity; people are living yet still dead, they are living-breathing tombs- yes sex does sell and its price is death, but the world wonít tell you that. They would have you to believe that you only live once so make the most of it, live care-free with no restraints or limits, do what taste good, feels good and looks good. But Romans 6 tells us that we should no longer be a slave to sin, but now a slave to righteousness.
A slave to righteousness, wow what a statement! We ought to be enslaved to righteousness. Freely offering our members to those things that are pleasing in Godís sight and living this life purposed to die daily to ourselves, our sins and our body. We have been commissioned to put to death the misdeeds of the body by killing sin. As Christians we must hate the very things that God hates and love the very things that He loves. So since God hate sin, we ought to hate sin as well, and since God loves righteousness we ought to love righteousness and holiness just the same.
Killing sin is actively taking sin and crucifying it, by getting rid of its influence in our lives. When I think of my deliverance from some of my sinful habits I recall having a desire to get rid of them. What I mean is that I had to look at my sin the same way that God had and fall out of love with them, to the point that I knew that I no longer wanted and needed it in my life. I had to ask the Lord to take them from me, and to bless me with the strength to not go back and pick them up. My mind changed the way that it viewed sin, the more and more I denied it the easier and easier it got to completely lose all interest in it. I realized that I had not gained anything but heartache and pain from the misdeeds of my flesh, I had absolutely nothing to show for it, except for the scars and wounds from itís abuse, and I desired wholeness and healing. The more I matured in Christ; I see that I view sin differently. Later on in my walk, I started to live this life striving to please Christ at all cost, which meant that I understood that in all things I should glorify God. In all of my actions, I had to ask God ďwill this please you?Ē, and of course Godís word already revealed the truth. If it did not please God, I was determined not to do it, and to seek after those things that did please Him. Killing sin is pricey, in Luke 14:25-35, Jesus tell his disciple that they must count the cost in this Christian life. There is a lot that will be given up for Christ name sake, and in my case I gave up a lot of friendships, relationships, and most importantly my will. But all of this was crucial in order for me to do away with the sinfulness in my life and in order for me to kill the sinful nature within me. I still have a long way to, my race is not finished yet, but I am still yielding my members over to righteousness, dieing daily and killing sin. I sometimes reflect on my life prior to Christ and I realize that I was not living, I was dead so depraved and so very distant from the truth. I praise God for taking me as I was and changing my heart, renewing my mind, and blessing me with the ability to glorify Him! So when I reflect on the bloody cross and I see my savior hanging there paying my sin debt, I realize that should have been me instead, that reflection is enough to make me put to death the misdeeds of my body by killing my sins.

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Thank you for sharing with us. Bless you!

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Thanks for this post, Danielle.

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good post... very good. :) yes! yes!

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Thank you guys so much for your replies!!!

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Thank you guys so much for your replies!!!

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As Christians we must hate the very things that God hates and love the very things that He loves.

beautiful sis.

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That's an awesome message.... The mark of the True Believer is keeping his commandments and purity in thought, deed, and actions. All things must be brought to the obediance of Christ or prepare to kiss Christ converse... He disciplines those he Loves and crushes his enemies under his footstool.

Hail King Jesus,

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thanks seal!!! your right you show your love for Christ, but keeping his commandments!!!