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05-09-2007, 10:36 AM
Summer Ministry/Job Opportunity for College Age Guys

Doing What?: Being a CampCounselor …Impacting the lives of young people while having YOUR life impacted at the same time!

Where?: Sunshine "In The" Cove Christian Camp - located in Union MI

The summer camp outreach ministry of Sunshine Gospel Ministries.

Potential Counselors Must: Have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ & a desire to work with kids.

In other words: Love Jesus & Love Kids

Be at least one year out of high school or 19 years old.

Time Commitment: -Counselors must commit for 8 weeks (Saturday June 2nd through Saturday July 28 th), which includes 2 weeks of staff training

followed by 6 weeks of camp.

-During those 8 weeks, counselors live at the camp .

-Camp weeks run Monday morning through Saturday morning.

-Each week 60 campers from Chicago come to camp . Each week is a different age group of kids. Each week is both extremely

challenging and extremely rewarding at the same time.

Do I get paid?: Yes, $125 per week. All of your housing and meals are taken care of.

How do I apply?: Contact Dave Clark @ Sunshine Gospel Ministries ASAP!!!!

Cell Phone: (773)619-5773

Office Phone (773)493-0656

Email: dave@sunshinegospel.org

When would it begin?: Staff training begins on Saturday June 2…so the time is fast approaching!!