View Full Version : Our church moved into a new building

05-07-2007, 02:12 AM
Just wanted to share a few pics on our new location. We were at our previous location for about 12+ years. We are now occupying an old elementary school which is right next to a middle school. God willing, we will try to open up more ministries with regards to our new location. Best of all, its only a block down from my house so I just walk to church :D Today was our first Sunday service (friendship service) and it was packed. We had no seats left and people were chillin outside the door. Its a great blessing to move into a bigger building and possibly open up more ministries. Its crazy because a few years prior to our move, people started randomly dreaming of the church moving and what not. Also, a latin church we shared the old building with said they tried to get the building last year, but funding was a little difficult for them. But they prayed that if they can't get it, may it be used for God's glory for whoever will occupy it in the future. A year later, here we are. I have no doubt God orchestrated all of this and to him be all the glory!