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02-01-2007, 03:25 PM
8 years ago i was sleeping on someones couch for about a month then told I had three weeks to find some where to live (Winter of 1999).

a month later an old lady took me in. I knew her because she used to go to a church I had visited a few times. Everything was all good for the first two. I slept on her floor to and as I showed she could trust me I was allowed to sleep on a bed after 2 months. That only lasted for about 2 months as I struggled to find consistent full time work and finish community college, then it was back to the floor. For the next for months. Also, I as she got dissapointed at my effort I went from eating with the family to waiting for the leftovers.

I was blessed enough to get accepted to a four year school (oooh where were my parents....they were the reason I was here in the first place...kick out cause I decided to go to another church. Wow is right. By the time I got accepted I had worn out my welcome at the old lady's house and the university dorm was my home. I didn't have it like everyone else. You know for most, the dorm was what it was a dorm. Home was somewhere else. For me either it was there or the street hoping for someone else's couch or floor.

It was hard but I would make the most of the situation. My plan was to graduate and be in a position to have my own. First I had to graduate which meant of course stay in school and maintain my grades. I only did that for a year.

Fast foward to September 2001 I am being told I have a week to get all of my stuff out of the dorm. My grades got me suspended over stressing about my situation. See not only did I have to maintain my grades but I needed financial aid to stay in school. My parents were in town after I got accepted to fill the form out but they were ghost the next year. They had move far away to the west coast and keep no contact with me except on letter.

I mailed my form to the address and it was returned. Mailed it again and same result. Talk to financial aid about the situation they wasn't hearing it cause my grades. Explained my grades was a reflection of the stress I endured knowing that even If I kept them up, I couldn't make it if my parents didn't sign for my aid.

One week before I left I had been fortunate enough to contact my grandmother whom I hadn't seen or heard from in 5-6 years. She told me to come on back to Jersey and stay with my uncle that lived next to her. My uncle was fresh out the joint and was a crack head. With no network it was harder to get consistent work there than in Virginia and with my grandmother cursing me out every 3 day's because she got drunk every three days it was a horrendous situation. Most days all I ate was noodles and eggs once or twice a day for 4 months. By the end of my time in Jersey I was coming home to crack heads on my uncles only piece of furniture getting high. (end of 2001)

Fortunate enough I kept in touch with a child hood friends uncle who keep me in contact with him and his mom back in Va. His mom told me reluctantly I could come there but warned me it couldn't be long cause of her husband who tripped. He was worse than my grandmother. I was told I could stay for about 6 weeks. It was less than that. He was also on crack and one Friday night him and his stepson my childhood friend got to fighting and we was out in the cold that night in Janurary of 2002 trying to break in an elementry school to stay warm . That evening we just stayed by a vent by a convinece store that blew heat.

By about 2 am that morning I called this young lady I met while in College, and she let me and him stay. We shared a pull out couch bed. She would have let us stay as long as we needed to get ourselves together but...(to many buts right?) she had a room mate. That was understandably like heck no. So the pressure was on. Good news for me was right befor my friends step dad kicked us out I got a decent job at the hospital that could afford me an apartment (oh my friend what was he doing with his life-long story won't bother he had his own struggles with drug addiction at the time).

Only thing was I needed six months of work history. I had two weeks. God showed me favor and sometime during the Middle of Feburary 2002 I got my first place. Which was just a studio but hey it was mine.

Even after that I struggled with me and my family going through sometimes that I won't get into now but will be shared through out my music.

Today, I am graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Urban Studies and am In school (taking this year off) with one year to go to obtain my Masters in the same field. And am about to close on my first house with 100% financing, closing cost paid by seller, and oh yeah it's bran spankin new.

The whole time all I could do was fast, pray and ask God to help me as many times I had to fight off suicidal thoughts. This is no shamless plug but the song His Love His mercy was birthed out of that time. from the end of 1999-2005. That whole time gave birth to that song. IF it wasn't for Jesus I'd be dead today.