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11-28-2006, 06:32 PM
A good friend of mine has a coworker whose parents were killed by a drunk driver this past weekend. Here is part of the article. Please pray for their families and friends... Please pray for the salvation of their children and that, even in the midst of this sorrow, that they question their own eternities and existences and in the process, come to know and trust Christ as their Savior.

FORT WORTH -- Norman and Monika Dewar made every effort to celebrate family, so it was no surprise that they drove Sunday night to see the Christmas lights at the nearby home of a son.

But on the way back, both were killed when their Cadillac was struck by a Ford Escape driven by a man who, according to Fort Worth police, was drunk.

Mr. Dewar was 75, and his wife, who survived World War II as a child in her native Germany, was 71. They leave four sons, 10 grandchildren and a legion of friends and admirers.

The wreck occurred at South Hulen Street and Bellaire Drive, about a mile from the Dewars' home, in the Tanglewood neighborhood near Texas Christian University. The couple, who married in 1959, lived there for 42 years.

Mr. Dewar was an accomplished salesman for Northwestern Mutual Life, said their youngest son, John Dewar.

Mrs. Dewar, he said, became a nurse and nursing instructor and later a court-appointed special advocate for children caught in the judicial system.

"They were just wonderfully active people," said the Rev. Linda McDermott, associate pastor at First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth, the Dewars' church. She said Mrs. Dewar had a "powerful sense of compassion" that was likely shaped by her childhood experiences.

"She saw an awful lot of suffering," McDermott said, "and it created a real passion in her to reach out to anyone who was suffering."

John Dewar said his mother survived the Allied bombings of her hometown, Dresden, and went on to "travel the world" as a flight attendant for Pan American airlines. In 1958, she stopped in New York City, where she met Mr. Dewar at a party. They married a year later.

Mr. Dewar, a Boston native, earned a business degree at Tufts University, John Dewar said. He also served as a naval officer during the Korean War and earned a master's degree in business administration at Harvard University.

In 1964, the family moved to Fort Worth, where Mr. Dewar got a marketing job at Alcon. A few years later, he went to work for Northwestern Mutual Life.

Mr. Dewar was active with the Boy Scouts and watched each of his sons earn the rank of Eagle Scout, the organization's highest.

The boys went on to become accomplished professionals. Tom Dewar is a Fort Worth physician, Peter Dewar is a Dallas lawyer and Charles Dewar works for the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and teaches business classes at the University of Texas at Arlington. John Dewar is an engineer for Freese and Nichols.

Mrs. Dewar earned a nursing degree in 1975 at TCU, where she would later become a nursing instructor, John Dewar said.

After a career working at local hospitals, she turned her attention to child advocacy. Last year, Child Advocates of Tarrant County named her child advocate of the year.

John Dewar said his father played an important role in his wife's work by driving her all over the state to meet with children and accompany them to court hearings.

"They both had a lot of love for those kids," John Dewar said. "Here at their house, there is a letter on the printer that she must have written a few hours before her death. It's a long letter to one of the kids, and I have to make sure that child gets it."

The wreck occurred as Mario Dorsey, 27, who was southbound on South Hulen, ran a red light at Bellaire Drive, said Sgt. Rodney Bangs of the traffic investigation unit. Dorsey's vehicle slammed into the Dewars' blue Cadillac, according to police reports.

Dorsey was being treated Monday at John Peter Smith Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said. His condition was not released.

He was arrested on two counts of intoxication manslaughter and one count of intoxicated assault, according to police reports. A friend who answered the phone at an address in Crowley listed under Dorsey's name declined to comment Monday.

Clifford Fisher, a 24-year-old passenger in the Escape, was in critical condition at John Peter Smith Hospital late Sunday, Bangs said, but Fisher's condition was unavailable Monday.

McDermott said arrangements are being made for a memorial service for the Dewars on Thursday at United Methodist.

The sons are married, and all but Peter Dewar live in Tanglewood, John Dewar said. The grandchildren are 4 to 16 years old.

The entire family was together on Thanksgiving in Fort Worth.

The war "affected her," John Dewar said of his mother. "She always said we have to celebrate the good times, because the bad times will come."

11-29-2006, 12:40 AM
i will pray for the family.

11-29-2006, 12:51 AM
Wow, I remember this dude who lived in my old neighborhood. His wife and kids were waiting on the bus stop one morning and a speeding driver lost control, went up on the curb and ran over all of them. He was torn up for a while. He blamed himself because he slept late because he worked late at nights, so his wife decided not to wake him up so that he could rest. He normally would have taken them to work and school. I don't know what ever happened to him, though.

Definitely praying though, fam.