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10-24-2006, 03:50 PM
I havent been here since V-day, and thought really hard about whether I wanted to keep the forums as part of my visiting here, but I am back for a spit. So to those who never met me before, I am Tigga/Twiz/RJ/Antoine of MMM from Philly, live in Laurel and have 50,000 miles on my 1.5 year old 05 Civic LX and used to be a mod here.

But here is what I posted the day before V-Day. Hope it blesses, and at some point, hope we have another huge fellowship where a bro can come and meet a few dozen of yall.

Originally posted on 10-17-06 (http://www.antoinerjwright.com/2006/10/longer-description-of-this-memory.htm):
For more than a few years now, my grandfather had been suffereing from many manners of sickness. From prostate cancer to unexplained ailments, his body was just breaking down. About a bit more than a month ago I was told that his kidneys had completly shut down and that they had to use a capheter (sp?) so that the body wastes could be removed. However that did not work. In a three day period he went through three surgeries trying to fix that issue. However, his body was rejecting those things. Basically, his body was well used and tired, and it was time to go. As a family we knew for a while, we just waited for the news.

And so it was about three weeks ago that I was on the Metro on the way home from work when my aunt called. Being that I was about to go underground (and I don't have Verizon Wireless), I ignored the call. Quikcly coming upground my mother called (not even two minutes later). At that point I knew that my grandfather had passed and I was being relayed the news. I was sad, and at the same time I knew that his passing means a lot of things, especially for the men of my family.

And so I purposed in my heart that night, after talking with my aunts and mom that I would do a memorial for my Grandpa. Something just a bit different, but most definitely me. And at the same time, I would take my time and make sure that it was most definitely "Grandpa thru my lenses."

Last night I completed the memorial. I was listening to Fred's latest CD when I was finishing up and could only say "thank you Lord" for just the opportunity to use a gift that I have been given, as a means to show appreciation for my Grandpa. Sure, I led prayer at the funeral service (that by itself was a gift to me and a sign of things to come) and even had the most harsh character check in recent memory; but no one could take away the grace that God allowed for just one moment in time, just one set of atoms that could come together for that memorial.

I share that becasue in part I want you all to take part in memory. Not because we remember what we lost, but that transisition to remembering what is gained and where we grow into when things are removed from our lives. I hope that you (whomever you are) find peace in this season, and know that those things that God has removed, make way for you to step into something that there wasn't room enough for before (even if not moving into that which was removed, u move up).

Thanks for letting me share yall; I appreciate your listening eyes.

To view the memorial, click here (http://antoinerjwright.com) and choose the Grandpa Huey Style from the top of the page.