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Read and give your insight..... IN LOVE!!!!

Shout Out to my bro REDD LETTAZ!!!!!

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Can someone copy and paste it? I'm not able to read it.

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here's what Courtney http://myspace-632.vo.llnwd.net/00855/23/65/855615632_s.jpg said:

Saturday, August 12, 2006

before you think
Current mood: creative

before you read this i wanna say ....

a) its been awhile ya'll i missed tha boards

b) this is something that just happend to me

c) some of you aren't going to take this serious or think i've given in to (here it comes) g. craige (nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! !!)

but no i haven't this is my story (this is myyyy son...my bad)

i went to a deliverance service at my new church home last night trust me every thing taught was doctrinally sound and the spirit was there..and it came time when they began to do deliverance prayers over every one ...it got to my turn i asked to be delivered from unforgiveness from my family and assurance that i'm walking in God's perfect will...now let me point out i know the minister that was about to lay hands on me and pray...he knew i'm a christain rapper and he encouraged it and i know he knows nothing of g.craige ...as he prays he begans to cast out things....ALOT of things then all of a sudden he says "spirit of hip hop come out...spirit of rap come out" i was like...WHAT!? BUT i felt those spirits lift off..the 1st thing that ran in my head was IS LEWIS RIGHT!? ...the anwser yes AND NO. now if your still reading at this part

a) your not bound up
b) this is where it gets good

now i know after listening to lewis dvd that he was in error alot of places

hip hop isn't of evil orgin nor started by bambada so God doesn't hate this art form ..in fact it's an art form he created for his glory yet and still i can't deny that the SPIRIT of hip hop & rap was cast out of me..so what just happend? well i went to another prophet to get clarification and he told me...God sees you have a question for him but he wants to ask you a question.....why? from that point i knew God was paying me attetion and i said i just wanna know that i know so i can serve him right... i recived the holyspirit after that ...but here's the kick as i spoke in tounges I WAS RAPPING! yes rapping in the spirit.later it was reveled to me that i don't have to try to be hip hop or a rapper cause music is my gift its in me i do how ever have to be christlike and so i come to a few points

the art form is harmless its when its excepted as a culture (which it is a culture) that you open your self to the spirit of so i decided myself


good bye hip hop ...hello neo psalmz
God wants us to dis associate not because the orgin is evil or the art form but because he wants his own distinct thing with him as the focus insted of hip hop lets make it holy culture any thing you may think whats a title nothing...until a spirit is attached to it . may not have started that way but it has one now and we don't need to be with that. lets start from scrach same art form same ministry but let not try to be hip hop lets just be who we are that don't me no baggy pants jersey's and fitteds (lol ambba!) it just means ..

i'm courtney "redd Lettaz" kelly

i'm a son of God.. i spit lyrics cause music is my gift and it's not hip hop its neo psalmz same favor but this time Christ is unquestionably in the orgin cause he designed it that way..

keep it christlike ya'll


p.s. i just poured out my heart to ya'll in love please when you respond whether you ride with me or not do the same (in love)

and let start a new thing and show hip hop how it was suppost to be done!!!!

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it's a movement yall.

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don't like the idea....read your post on your myspace page.

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I'm feelin that on some levels. Although I don't doubt that a spirit was cast off of Redd, to say that it was the spirit of hiphop is interesting. Is hiphop a sin?

I'm not going to get all theological on yall cuz I know that plenty of people will disagree. However, whenever a demonic spirit attached itself to or possessed someone in the Bible, it took on the form of a sinful act or infirmity. A lying spirit (1 Kings 22:22-23, 2 Chronicles 18:21-22), spirit of jealousy (Numbers 5:14-30), familiar spirits - or witchcraft spirits (Leviticus 20:27), spirit of divination (Acts 16:16), unclean spirit (Mark 1:23-27), dumb and deaf spirit (Mark 9:25), spirits and infirmity (Luke 8:2; 13:11), or just a straight up evil spirit (1 Sam 16:23 and Acts 19-16). These examples show demonic spirits as being sinful. We can open ourselves up to these "spirits" by walking in the flesh. As we resist them and repent from our sins they got to flee. Spirits can only stay if we allow them to.

However I understand Redd's decision to separate his music from what is often associated with the term hiphop, although I hold on to my stance that the terminology doesn't matter, it is the "spirit" behind the music that matters. ;) (which I think is what Redd was really getting at here) I like the term Neo Psalmz. Ultimately God knows what's up, and I haven't really sought him much concerning this issue. I'll be praying for you Redd, keep that bangin music comming fam!

Aight, well I gotta get this homework done.... I knew I shouldn't have gone on this site. :::sigh:::

Much love yall!