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10-20-2006, 02:09 PM
I put a post up in the witness thread about witnessing to classmates through an email attachment to black board.

Well I'm in a graduate housing policy class of about 20 students. We have been discussing how racism has made life hard for minorities particularly blacks and been discussing policy that would be beneficial to all races with respect to housing as well as all aspects of life.

Here's the email attachment I sent out. I titled it: A solution to racism and other social ills from a spiritual perspective.

In thinking about the issue of racism and the residual effects it has on each aspect of our communities, our nation. I present a solution that is not legislative, democratic or republic how we normally see legislation. The solution is neither black, white, or asian etc. That solution is Jesus Christ. Before you jump back likeÖOh boy whatever, hear this short and sweet as it relates to this topic of racism.

If you take the time to look at the purpose of Christ which is his message, from just and ideological view youíll find a policy that is enlightening and very beneficial for the society I believe all of you wish we could live in. Whether you take the Bible as literal or figutively in parts or in its entirety doesnít matter just focus on what its claim is concerning his purpose as legislation that would serve me, you, and everyone else well.

His purpose according to the bible was to sacrifice for the betterment of humanity; he preached love in a way I never heard. Not only did I read that I should show kindness and respect to those who showed it to me but to those who didnít deserve it. In the mind of many African Americans embracing this mindset would free them from the bitterness they hold toward Caucasian Americans who have done them wrong directly of their ancestors wrong. Christ preached forgiveness because he exclaimed you want to be forgiven by God for the many errors you make as a human being or a race, then how dare you hold some one else in contempt and be entitled to forgiveness from God yourself?

For the Caucasian Americans who have perpetuated racism in this country past and present, it would serve them well to understand that Christ taught people to love their neighbor as themselves. If Caucasian and all people were to embrace this mindset canít you imagine how beautiful the world would be? Degrading of another human being would not take place on the scale that it has for thousands of years.

Being that we are not perfect even in embracing the latter (loving as you love self), you would still have to embrace the other at times. We as humans will not always love as we love ourselves but if everyone truly lived to strive for that and worked at it daily, the world would be a better place to live. And when someone didnít afford you this kindness and respect, then striving to embrace forgiveness instead of hate and vengeance, and bitterness would keep you from imprisoning someone else in your own mind. More importantly you would be imprisoning your own self. You would be living life stuck in the moment of an offense against you.

Other belief systems share these principles where this one is unique is that Christ exclaims we donít have the power to love those who donít show us love in ourselves. Holding our tongue when you feel like cursing someone out isnít love. So by nature to love, respect, and honor, when we feel hated, disrespected, and dishonored is not in our system naturally. So the uniqueness found in his teaching of exercising the principles stated is that they can only be exercised by a dependency upon God to give you the strength to do so. Strength you seek and ask for of Him everyday. And of course you got the whole Christ as atonement for the sin of the World thing which is something you can chat with me personally on if you choose. If this sounds interesting to you I encourage you to pick up a bible an read more, if you got questions feel free to ask.

So how did I do?