View Full Version : How can I live

10-20-2006, 01:09 PM
Right now i sit naked no longer able to dress realizing my clothing fashion name brand and no name was created by heathen minds. Many with the mind to perpetuate a coolness or as many of them say sexiness. hmm, making clothes that a heathen believes in wearing their fashion will perpetuate sexiness. Many do..might be wearing something now and I don't know that's the designers intent. Ignorant, yet it's like an ignorant child who gets their hand wet then play with a electrical socket. Ignorant yet deadly right. So I better not take that chance. I'm sportin a Adam
...a Adam before the fall.

I have just given up eating beef because it is still offered to idols. I found out people in other countries don't eat it because they worship the animal and sacrifice on behalf of it. *Right now hoping I don't find out that someone offers pigs in sacrifice to idols....the thought of not being able to eat a Burger King Eggnourmous sandwhich with all that sausage and bacon.....:( *

I am in sin now....I suppose...could be wrong...by typing on this filthy internet that is used to worship the idols of sexual lust...including fornication, adultery, molestation etc. This www. is used by so many for evil. :(

I can no longer buy or sell for so much of the money that crosses hands has been used by the drug lord to purchase drugs. It is blood money in every sense of the word. :( . Are you purchasing food with that blood money that drug dealer used to purchase that brick?:mad:

Wow...nothin left to do but go into the mountain butt naked and survive off of nature...just have to make sure the fruits, grains, berries, and animals I eat are not being sacrificed.:(

Again on this internet right now people are sacrificing their time, their marriage, a family, for an idol of sexual use. yet I come behind them after they have typed their filth to their mistress and use it to try and glorify Jesus.:eek: