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Breastplate of Righteousness - Ephesians 6:14
Written by LaRosa Johnson
Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Keeping things on the serious tip today, we're going to bypass the hip-hop devotions and continue our look at the armor of God and spiritual warfare. Yesterday we looked at the belt of truth and how it represents sincerity and truthful character; today, we are going to examine the latter half of Ephesians 6:14, which deals with the breastplate of righteousness. Just like the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness is a very vital part of the spiritual armor (but then again, what part isn't) and it is one that we need to make sure that we always have with us.

If you noticed yesterday, when we were looking at the belt of truth, you should have taken note that the belt of truth deals with the character of a person, and not so much any kind of super spiritual revelation that we're supposed to have. It is practical and something that should be common to every born again believer. Today's piece of armor is in the same fashion; the breastplate of righteousness isn't some deep spiritual finding, but rather another character trait that we should be carrying as believers in the body. You see, without the right foundation and base, you will never be able to stand as a Christian, let alone engage in spiritual warfare with the adversary.

So, what is the breastplate? Depending on the period, the breastplate operated differently. Before Roman times, the breastplate only covered the front of your body, therefore it left your backside open to attack. This meant, that if you turned around, you were probably going to get killed. But considering Paul was a Roman citizen, he was most likely referring to the breastplate that was worn by Roman soldiers, which was a front & back covering made of either thick leather or metal. The importance of this piece of armor lies in the fact that it protected all of your vital organs from being wounded in battle (i.e. your heart, lungs, etc.). Without this piece of armor, we would be left completley vulnerable and most likely defeated.

Now, this breastplate of righteousness does not, I repeat, does not, represent the righteousness of Christ that is imputed to every believer. Since that is something we all have, it is always with us and there is no need to consider it a piece of armor; it's not like you can take off & put back on the righteousness of Christ. This righteousness refers to having a righteous character and performing righteous deeds. Just like we need to be honest and live in the truth, we also need to be a person of upstanding and righteous character. This is the kind of righteousness that you can choose to put on or leave at home; you are the one that makes the choice to be kind to others or to stab them in the back. You are the one with the choice to help feed the hungry or steal from them. That is the kind of righteousness that we're talking about. And if you're going to stand in this spiritual battle, you have to walk in righteousness and carry that breastplate at all times. Without this piece of armor, you are choosing to not walk in the fruits of the Spirit and leaving yourself wide open to attacks from the enemy, and attacks that will take your heart from you.

Again, this is another vital piece of armor. We can't possibly live the Christian life and engage in spiritual warfare without the breastplate of righteousness. Quite honestly, if you leave home without this piece of armor, I question if you're really ready for battle at all. If you're not carrying it, spend some time getting your character together; there is no way to successfully engage in this spiritual war without an upstanding character that is based upon truth and righteousness; without them, you're going to fail. Get those in order, and then join in on the battle. I'm praying for you!

devotion courtesy of Trailblazin Ministries (http://www.trailblazinministries.com/the-word/daily-devotions/10-18-2006.php)

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Trailblazin....I'ma have something for your site soon....I appreciate you so much family!

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