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  1. [news.] Rapfest 2014 – August 9th – Bronx, NY
  2. Rap Fest Radio: #183 – Pastor Jose Cruz and Omar Lilly (New Birth New York)
  3. Episode #184 – Angie Rose, Day, Infinite Automatik and Th3 Saga
  4. [music video.] Tre-9 “Missionary Minded”
  5. [news.] #WellWishes: Bizzle 2 Build Water Wells In Africa W/ 100% Album Profits
  6. [news.] Erica Danea set to release new EP “S.O.S.”
  7. [music video.} Believin Stephen "Battle for Contentment/ Battling Unbelief"
  8. [video.] Lecrae “Anomaly – Definiton”
  9. [listen.] “Royal Society” by @Cypha_IX_
  10. [news.] Rawsrvnt gets married with a ceremony that blends Christianity and hip hop
  11. [music video.] Swoope “LSD” feat. Christon Gray
  12. [music video.] Ant Coughlin “All My Life”
  13. [podcast.] Rap Fest Radio – Episode #185 – Road To Rap Fest w/ Righteouz Knight
  14. Define: Marriage
  15. [music video.] Customary “Fear”
  16. [music video.] Tre Cosmos “Crown”
  17. [free download.] King David “The Recruiter Non Stop”
  18. [free download.] Sebastian Phoenix “Epic Love” feat. Brandon Gaines & Tone Touch
  19. [listen.] 2Edge “In The Air”
  20. [music video.] Erica Danea “Counter Culture”
  21. Corelink Radio: Top Five week of 8/17/14
  22. Corelink Radio welcomes “Bootlegs and B-sides” with JB Harrison
  23. [news.] Role Model Records welcomes another role model; expands roster with new signee, Dru Bex
  24. [watch.] Swoope “#SameTeam Remix” music video
  25. [news.] The Follow Tour
  26. [listen.] Jay-Way “Cool Kid”
  27. [listen.] James “Drummaboy” Harris We Need You More from the Side B the EP
  28. [music video] Canon “Trippin'”
  29. Young Disciple: The Series
  30. [download.] Middle Clash “Tommy Boy”
  31. [watch.] Bizzle “Love We Share”
  32. [watch.] Righteouz Knight “Mind Labyrinth”
  33. [listen.] WohMusic presents: #SoapBarz
  34. [watch.] Triumfant Muzik “Frontline”
  35. [watch.] Trip Lee Talks with The Front Porch
  36. [listen.] Humble Tip “0 to 100
  37. [watch.] God Over Money “Kick In The Door Cypher” (Datin, Bumps INF, Selah The Corner, Bizzle)
  38. [listen.] Middle Clash “Fade Away (feat. Tragic Hero)”
  39. [listen.] Tragic Hero “L.O.N.E. Wolf” (prod. by Wes Pendleton)
  40. [watch.] Humble Tip “O to 100
  41. [watch.] BushBaby “For you”
  42. [watch.] Phanatik & Believin Stephen get “Inspired” – Great Event in Philly
  43. [watch.] Mynista “Them Jesus Freaks”
  44. Primisis Goes GREEN (#MorphinOut)
  45. [download.] GNC “Blood Moon Rising”
  46. Han Soul presents “Jesus Therapy”
  47. [download.] DJ Official”Same Team”
  48. [watch.] Derick Minor “Who you know?”
  49. [download.] Azariah Jones Aka Z Releases “I Know Pt. 1
  50. [listen.] LVLOcean “Beach Castle”
  51. [download.] DARKO “GoRilla Remix” Ft eTRNL
  52. [listen.] Marz “Blur” feat. JGivens
  53. [listen.] Azariah Jones Aka Z “Thankful” Feat. Prosper
  54. [watch.] Derek Minor “Party People (feat. Social Club)”
  55. [listen.] Rio “24K Flashing Lights”
  56. [watch.] Da’ T.R.U.T.H Unplugged: Great Wall (Live)
  57. [listen.] Mr. OH10 “Originality”
  58. [listen.] Kei-Landa “XXIV”
  59. [listen.] B-Humble “Average Joe” Mixtape
  60. [download.] Milliyon “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”
  61. [download.] Derek Minor “Stranger”
  62. Humble Tip “Attractive Aggression”
  63. [news.] Reach Records Featured Artist and Heart Transplant Recipient Jasmine Le’Shea Releases Debut
  64. [news.] Who is ROJAZ?
  65. [listen.] Rare of Breed “Pay Up” featuring Alex Faith
  66. [download.] ILISH “Who I Am ft. Soliloquies”
  67. [listen.] Ash M “Real Talk”
  68. [listen.] Proxy “Heartbeat”
  69. [listen.] Prayz1 “5:00 AM in Toronto Remix”
  70. [listen.] Azariah Jones Aka Z “Called To Be” feat Franchyze Freddy
  71. [listen.] Edward Newlyfe “Work In Progress” Mixtape
  72. [watch.] Daarinah “In My Heart” feat. Melissa T
  73. [listen.] Sola “The Lies & Decent”
  74. [news.] DJ Aktual signs to Illect Recordings
  75. [news.] New Year New Business for Hope Entertainment
  76. [news.] 3HP Records presents 3HP Explosion Tour
  77. [watch.] God’s Elect “Single Fathers” – feat. Doneta Dawson
  78. [listen.] Yaves “Revolver”
  79. [watch.] Derek Minor “Party People”
  80. [listen.] Derek Minor “Fly”
  81. [listen.] Yaves “In Winter’s Ear”
  82. [listen.] Timothy Welbeck “Nobody (feat. Tomeka Carroll & Domonique Wilson)”
  83. [news.] Scooda Radio Show Mixtape
  84. [download.] Taelor Gray “Let Me See”
  85. [listen.] Greg Skinn and K Drama new release “The Drive By”
  86. [watch.] Bumps INF “All I Got” featuring Social Club
  87. [watch.] Lecrae grabs another grammy
  88. [listen.] M.O.G. “Back Home” feat AntMoe
  89. [listen.] The Resistance “Young” feat. Street Hymns
  90. [listen.] Osaze Murray “Keep the Dream Alive”
  91. [download.] Scooda “Roses”
  92. [listen.] Battle Ax “Anaheim Mixtape”
  93. [news.] Davis Absolute announces “Season of Fruit”
  94. [watch.] C.A.M. “Right There”
  95. [download.] Damage Crew “Gun Fight”
  96. [download.] Taelor Gray “Wishing Well”
  97. [download.] Harvest Mc ft. K-Drama “Through His Lens”
  98. [download.] Paradox, Jordan Santana, Jordan Cutter, reSEARCH, NomiS – “What You Have”
  99. [listen.] Anthony Sawyers “Entitled Room Full of Heroes”
  100. [listen.] D-Will’s “Mr. Rogers” feat. Dre Murray and Charlie Goose
  101. [download.] Charles Goose “Against Me”
  102. [listen.] Tekulve “Take Off” feat Pettidee
  103. [watch.] Humble Tip “Unorthodox”
  104. [watch.] Yaves “Blood Covered Snow”
  105. [listen.] Trant “Good Noize (feat. Taelor Gray, Dwayne Tryumf, and Huggy)”
  106. [listen.] Kaylon “Evidence”
  107. [watch.] Zabbai “To The Top” FreeVerse
  108. [listen.] God Sqwad Records releases new single “Crew”
  109. [listen.] Trant “Wildflower” feat. John Givens, Dre Murray and Skye
  110. [listen.] Nathan releases first single “No Fear”
  111. [listen.] CJ Emulous’ 1st release from “Light It Up”
  112. [news.] Ja’maine’s Wilderness II – Overcoming The Wilderness
  113. [listen.] Thrill “How Do You Do That?” prod. by DJ Shyheim
  114. [listen.] P-Son Ft. Future Kid “Favor”
  115. [download.] LJ “Caesar”
  116. [watch.] Karen Jewels “God Over Money”
  117. [watch.] “The Anthem” ft. Danyelle, K.N.A.- L.E.D.G.E., Ballistic, G-Rane, Yaqua
  118. [listen.] Josiah Williams “Rerouting”
  119. [download.] Jayaney “Outsiders” (Keep the Faith Remix) – Lecrae feat. Michael Jackson / Thy Tribute
  120. [watch.] John the Baptist “Wisdom for Motivation”
  121. [watch.] Shacee “Praying For Us”
  122. [listen.] Limoblaze “Over Again” ft. Shayee
  123. [listen.] Tone Spain “Doin’ Work” ft. Revel
  124. [news.] The World’s First Faith Based, Concept Rap Battle League
  125. [listen.] Massey “Lionhearted”
  126. [listen.] Giano ” Upon Listening, Vol. 1
  127. [download.] Pstar & Kafir “They Won’t Play Us”
  128. [watch.] Bel Air “Oh Lord”
  129. [listen.] Trant “No Choice”
  130. [listen.] Taelor Gray “Doing It Well (feat. Tragic Hero)”
  131. [watch.] Alex Faith & Dre Murray “Wake Up Music (feat. Swoope)”
  132. [download.] Asaint “Pushaman” Ft Kindle Flame & Jay Bird
  133. [watch.] Classic “Fill My Cup”
  134. [watch.] Anthony Sawyers “Price of Your Life” ft. Tracey Trace
  135. [watch.] B.E.R.I.D.O.X. “The Future”
  136. [watch.] Alex Faith & Dre Murray “Southern Lights: Overexposed”
  137. [watch.] Bush Baby “Mini Documentary”
  138. [watch.] Theziz “Go To War”
  139. [news.] Fedel reveals album cover and tracklisting for “Flaw”
  140. [listen.] J-NiBB “Bout Dat Life”
  141. [listen.] Prince Flash “We In It” ft Jus B
  142. [watch.] Rare of Breed “Speaking My Language” ft. Mike Teezy & Just Nate
  143. [watch.] Nak Daniels “Maracas”
  144. [watch.] Bizzle “Not 4 Sale”
  145. [watch.] KB “Sideways” feat. Lecrae
  146. [Watch.] Sistah Dee “Let It Go” Disney’s Frozen Remix feat. Natsu Fuji
  147. [watch.] Josiah Williams “I’m Turning Around”
  148. [watch.] KB “Before Tomorrow” Part 1
  149. [listen.] King Syrius “Ghetto Symphony” (remix)
  150. [listen.] K-Drama “What you know about” (remix from Cross Movement track)
  151. [watch.] Dru Bex “Navigator”
  152. [watch.] Alex Faith & Dre Murray “City of Nightmares II (feat. Ada-L)”
  153. [listen.] The Battery “Lazy Susan (feat Christon Gray & Taelor Gray)”
  154. [listen.] James Gardin “Living Daylights” Album Stream
  155. [download.] The Collector “I’m Alright”
  156. [listen.] Harvest MC “Through His Lens”
  157. [download.] Evident “True Fulfillment”
  158. [watch.] Chris Sandoe”Grand Design” featuring Dre Murray
  159. [listen.] Elijah Wiggins “Someday Soon”
  160. [listen.] Josiah Williams “Holy Shift”
  161. [watch.] G-servant “Outlet / Plugged In”
  162. [watch.] “Rep Him All Day” Xahtis ft. Ricky Ricardo
  163. [watch.] M.A.J.O.R.S. “Who Turned Your Love Away”
  164. [watch.] Brythreesixty and Dexter Baysiq “Checkmate”
  165. [listen.] aTone “Contradiction”
  166. [listen.] Zach Banes and Dylan Laster “New Kings”
  167. [watch.] Will Stomp tackles global issues on new song “I AM RICH”
  168. [listen.] Ilish “Have Fun” ft. Angie Rose
  169. [watch.] The Foundation Feat. illsamar “Pro Dose/ First Fruits”
  170. [watch.] Night Lights “Nonfixion” ft Vinny Lane
  171. [download.] Medi Kay “Shampoo Freestyle”
  172. [listen.} J. Crum “Mercy”
  173. [listen.] 2Braidz “This Road Called Life Vol. 2
  174. [watch.] Tony Tillman “No Lie” Featuring Derek Minor
  175. [listen.] Shopé “XXVI (Know It’s Real)”
  176. [listen.] Taelor Gray feat. Priest and KamBINO “The Morning”
  177. [watch.] New Jesus Therapy Co-op Music Video Feat. Hans Nelson
  178. [watch.] Reyo “I Like It”
  179. [watch.] Taelor Gray “Sing About It (feat. Yaves)”
  180. [news.] God’s Covenant Youth Talent Showcase – DC – 8/22/15
  181. [listen.] Thr33zy “REPPIN'”
  182. [watch.] “Unity cypher” Abimael el guerrero ft Meekness, Mr. Weaver, DJ SAMROCK, Prince Judah
  183. [listen.] B.E.R.I.D.O.X.’s new single “Tonight feat. E. Daniels”
  184. [listen. and watch.] Ted Smith “Heart Warming” Mixtape
  185. [watch.] Brinson “Schwarzenegger”
  186. [listen.] Taelor Gray “Vogue” (prod. Wit)
  187. [listen.] Yomi “Got Flipped”
  188. [listen.] D.T.S. “Do This” ft. Point Ash
  189. [watch.] J. Crum “Mercy”
  190. [download.] YoungforGod “School Night”
  191. [listen.] Livin Water Present “Bragging Rights”
  192. [news.] Manafest Releases Two Songs From Reborn, Full Album Hits Stores Oct. 2; “Let You Drive” Musi
  193. [listen.] Canon “Grateful”
  194. [watch.] King David The Recruiter “Mark of the Beast”
  195. [listen.] aTone “Hungry”
  196. [watch.] Bizzle “Believers”
  197. [watch.] Osaze Murray “God is Good”
  198. [listen.] Derek Minor “No Quit”
  199. [download.] Joseph Muniz “Often” ft. Aaron Chiriboga
  200. [listen.] The Collector “Philistines”
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  202. [watch.] S.O. “The Crew / Judah’s Verse”
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  204. [listen.] One Dose “Believe Me”
  205. [listen.] Minco the Moon “Earthling”
  206. [listen.] Meet G.O.D.Sent’s alter-ego… The iLLuminator!
  207. [download.] S.O.C.O.M. “We About” Feat. Martyr-X
  208. [listen.] Canon “The Warm Up”
  209. [listen.] Music Producer Kriss Liss makes her Artist debut with new single “Glowry”
  210. [listen.] Preecha “Focus”
  211. [watch.] Trip Lee “Manolo”
  212. [watch.] Ed Welch “Let Me Be Frank”
  213. [watch.] Point5 “Champion”
  214. [watch.] Justin Jimenez “Dreams”
  215. [listen.] Rell “Let it Go” feat. Da Truth
  216. [listen.] J-Kwest “Lemonade”
  217. [download.] DJ em-D “Triumph ‘15”
  218. [listen.] Cataphant “Halfdead” feat. JGivens
  219. [listen.] “Give Me A Chance ft. Benjah” by C-Los ft. Benjah
  220. [listen.] R.A.W. “Raw”
  221. [listen.] “Golden Calf” by The Collector
  222. [article.] The Skeptic Meets The Neighbor
  223. [download.] Steven Darnell “Feel Your Pain”
  224. [listen.] Dre B “Let Me Work”
  225. [listen.] Hyun Sinne “Bloody Knuckles feat. Dillon Chase”
  226. [listen.] Deborah Denise “How Can Jesus Love Me”
  227. [listen.] Terence Penny “Outside Looking In 2”
  228. [watch.] Joshua “Walls” ft. Steven (Lyric Video)
  229. [listen.] Hebrew Boyz Inc. “Hebrew Boyz (Anthem)”
  230. [listen.] Deshawn White “Fame”
  231. [download.] King David The Recruiter “New Name”
  232. [Video.] S.O.C.O.M. – We About It feat. Martyr-X
  233. [watch.] Angie Rose ft. TH3 Saga – Bright Lights
  234. [listen.] Brea Miles – RTQ ft. Mahogany Jones, Angie Rose, Hee Sun Lee, & Mia Hunt
  235. [listen.] Rell – Let It Go featuring Da Truth & Promise
  236. [listen.] SYG “Long Way Home”
  237. [watch.] Eshon Burgundy “Gunz x Rosez” (prod. Apollo Brown)
  238. [watch.] Taelor Gray “Scapegoats” [prod. Wit & 42North]
  239. [listen.] Ken Owens “#LastFightProject”
  240. [download.] Genesis “Rep” Featuring Witness, K-Drama/Blackbook
  241. [watch.] Rapper Writes Heartfelt Letter To Another Rapper
  242. [watch.] Iz-real “Group Therapy / Intro”
  243. [download.] JAS Moses “I Don’t Need A Deal 2”
  244. Audio Leak and Mixtapes: Free mixtape – Battleground City – UnMasked #TheMixtape | Battleground City
  245. Audio Leak and Mixtapes: Free Download: Royal Ezenwa – 6:06 am. [Euphoric EP]
  246. Audio Leak and Mixtapes: | Zander Robinson Fill My Heart With Light
  247. News: Uncle Reece| New Music and New Management!
  248. Music Video: D-Will – “I Ain’t Trippin”
  249. [download.] Mira Mira – Suffering
  250. [download.] Elijah – Can’t Go ft. Young Noah