HCR Discussion Forum Rules 1.2

Welcome to the HCR Discussion Forum! The HCR Discussion Boards is a public, Christian forum, and we encourage the healthy exchange of ideas and information. In order to ensure that this community is as helpful and enjoyable as possible to as many people as possible, we have established the following rules. By using or participating on the HCR Boards, you agree to the following rules as outlined below.

The HCR Message Boards are a moderated forum; however, it is simply impossible for our moderation staff to be everywhere and see everything. For this very reason, please use these rules as a general guideline for what is considered acceptable behavior and what is not. If you see someone who is in violation of a board rule, please report it to a forum moderator via Private Message (PM) immediately. Please note that the moderation staff is the final hall of arbitration in any situation that you report to them through PM. They will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis and take appropriate action where needed. If you are dissatisfied with how a situation was handled, please contact the HCR Forum Administrators, Trig and Anon: trig@holyculture.net and anonymous@holyculture.net.

• Moderators closely observe board messages or posts and respond to complaints. They are responsible for enforcing forum rules, and reserve the right to edit messages, delete messages, or rescind (ban) a user’s account. Further, if your thread was deleted, edited, or closed by a moderator, you are not permitted to repost the topic or create a new thread for the specific purpose of questioning their decision. Forum members are required to respect and follow moderator’s instructions, both publicly and privately. If you have a question about any moderation decisions or issues, you must contact a moderator by PM. If you cannot get any resolution from a moderator, contact the site administrators.

• Banning users is at the discretion of the HCR Forum Administrators. If you log onto the HCR Discussion Forums and receive a message that you have been banned, please submit an e-mail to hcrbannedusers@gmail.com and a forum moderator will get in contact with you in 24-48 hours. Bans are considered a private matter between the HCR Moderation Staff and the person banned. As such, bans will not be discussed publicly. Any questions about bans (ban length, ban reason, etc) will be handled through e-mail. Again, moderators cannot and will not respond publicly about bans. You are not permitted to create another username to circumvent a ban. If you feel a ban was unjustified or unfair, please contact the HCR Forum Administrators.

• Moderators are only human and are not perfect. Disagreements are expected and will happen. If you disagree with a moderator, attempt to respectfully discuss the situation with the moderator through PM. You may not attempt to leverage support from the forum by approaching a moderator publicly with a specific moderation issue. You must discuss any moderation issues through PM. Do not target any of the HCR moderation staff for insults or flames.

How you can help
• To avoid multiple posts on the same topic, either do a search using our handy search function or carefully look beyond the first page of posts (at the bottom of the page are a series of numbered back page links). Any posts that are similar will be merged and marked as merged.

• If you cannot locate your post, left click on your name in any forum to access a drop down menu. Select “Find More Posts by [YOUR NAME].” You will be taken to a screen where you can search for your posts.

• Before posting a message, please be sure you are in the appropriate forum. We have forums specifically designated for prayer requests, promotions, and theological discussion. Moderators will move, edit, or merge any posts that are not in the correct forum.

• Users will be notified publicly of any future amendments to these forum rules. Every user is responsible for the information included in any future amendments to these forum rules.

Posting in ALL CAPS online is understood as shouting and is considered an extremely aggressive way to post. Moderators will delete any topics or posts that use all ALL CAPS.

You are not allowed to post any material that is protected by copyright or trademark without the express permission of the owner(s) of the copyrighted material. This includes copyrighted photos, books, newspapers, magazine articles, or television broadcasts. When posting song lyrics and news articles, you are only permitted to post the first few stanzas or paragraphs respectively. You must always provide the link. You may not post articles from sites that are viewable through membership only. NOTE: Users are ultimately responsible for posting any content (videos, music, text material, etc) that is protected by U.S. Copyright Laws.

A deluge of critical, abusive, and insulting messages directed at another user is defined as “flaming,” and will not be tolerated on the HCR Discussion Forums. Threads or posts that are intended to create discord or antagonize others will be deleted by moderators.

Also, if a user disrespects you publicly, contact a forum moderator immediately. You may NOT respond to the user publicly just because the person addressed you publicly. This type of behavior is a catalyst for flames. HCR’s position is “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Exchange IM screen names and discuss further with the specific user if necessary. Understand, if you violate this rule, you are effectively taking your account status into your own hands. Not a good idea.

We take threats and harassment very seriously. Public posts or private messages that are construed as threatening or harassing in nature will be deleted, the user will be permanently banned, and the posts will be made available to the proper law enforcement officials. It is illegal to harass or threaten anyone so don’t do it.

Bashing a particular Christian artist or producer (or any forum member for that matter) is not allowed on the HCR Boards. Instead, offer constructive criticism about an artist or producer’s work. Moderators will delete any posts that bash an artist or producer.

Posting explicit images/videos or sexually suggestive material is strictly prohibited. Explicit written descriptions of gruesome crimes or sexual stories is not permitted.

You are not permitted to impersonate another forum member. Also, you may not attempt to access another user’s account or share an account. Violators of this rule will be banned permanently.

All new users will be sent an e-mail (to the e-mail address the account is registered under) with a copy of the forum rules. Users must acknowledge receipt of the rules by replying to the e-mail.

Name calling is strictly prohibited. Repeat offenders may be banned.

Holy Culture Radio is a Christian community forum, however, we welcome users from many different religious backgrounds to participate in discussion. You are free to challenge biblical beliefs, but you may not create a thread or post messages specifically for the purpose of bashing our God or mocking the historic Christian faith. Moderators will delete any messages that are considered offensive to the historic Christian faith.

The HCR Forums is an English forum. You are not allowed to post any messages or phrases in another language other than English.

You may not create a thread specifically for the purpose of letting other forum members know that you are leaving the HCR Discussion Forums. This simply results in flaming and violators will be immediately banned. Note: Because of what a problem this has been in the past, the moderation staff cannot issue a warning for violations.

NOTE: If for some reason you are leaving for awhile (moving, etc) and will have limited access to the Internet, you may post a farewell message to the community. All farewell messages must be pre-approved by the HCR Lead Moderator (HCR Zealot) before posting it in the General Discussion Forum. Any unauthorized farewell messages will be immediately deleted and the user may be banned.

Stay on topic and refrain from conversation that is not relevant to the discussion. This is for everyone’s benefit. Any random posts are not allowed. Don’t do it. Moderators will delete off-topic posts at their discretion.

You may not post private information (phone numbers, addresses, full names, etc) about yourself or another user on the discussion forum. This is simply for your protection. When you post this type of sensitive information it becomes accessible to anyone, and the HCR staff cannot control how the information may be used outside of our message boards.

Offensive language is extremely unacceptable. Moderators will edit any posts that contain profanity and repeat offenders will be banned. Further, you are ultimately responsible for your own posts, even when linking external sites. Do not link external sites that contain profanity. This includes but is not limited to videos, articles, or photos.

Vacuous, senseless, or empty messages posted in a discussion forum are considered spam. Further, gratuitous, redundant posts that do not contribute any useful information to a topic are not acceptable (cf. the rule about off-topic posts). This includes short one-liner posts such as “I agree” or “Thank you.” We have a “Thanks” function on our forums that are specifically designed for the purpose of “thanking” a user’s post. Moderators will delete any threads or posts that are considered spam. A few more notes on spam:

1. Posting specifically for the purpose of driving traffic to your site is considered spam and is strictly prohibited.

2. Do not sell any products on our discussion forum.

3. Artists, producers, record label affiliates: Do not use our General Discussion forum to post album release dates, concert/ tour dates, or links to your website. It’s simply the incorrect forum to post such information. We have a specific forum dedicated to that type of promotional stuff (cf. the “How you can help” section). Moderators will move posts of a promotional nature to the appropriate forum. Repeat offenders may be banned.

In continuance with not posting spam, do not use this forum to promote multi-level marketing business models. Any such thread will be deleted. Repeat offenders may be banned.

Do not purposely post a message on our discussion forum to incite anger or stir up controversy. Do not bring your personal vendettas from outside the discussion forum to the message boards. This discussion forum is designed to be a place where people can engage in serious, meaningful dialogue about a variety of topics in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Be positive. Moderators will rescind the membership of any user who is perceived as a troll.

Remember: This is a public forum. Behave as you would if you were in a public place. HCR retains the right, at its sole discretion to limit users’ access to the discussion forums and to alter or remove material that, in HCR’s judgment, does not comply with these forum rules. Note: HCR receives many posts each day, so we simply cannot always issue a warning each time a rule is broken (cf. the Moderation section). Consider these rules as a forewarning and, if you break them, you’ll be held responsible. Refrain from posting anything vulgar, obscene, harassing, threatening, or invasive. To sum up, if you wouldn’t say it to your mom or your pastor, don’t say it to anyone here.